Yet Another Three Condo Association Facilities Project Ideas


Maintaining top-notch facilities is critical to having a top-notch building.  Your Condo Association facilities committee is a major driver of improving quality of life and even property value through contributing to your community.  If you’ve already evaluated all of the previous ideas for Condo Association facilities committee project ideas – we’ve got you covered with yet more project ideas.

Internal Signage Review

Maybe you need less signs vs. more?

Signage is an important factor of your Condo community.  Signage takes two forms – directional and cautionary. Directional signage helps get people from one point to another.  If you’ve lived in your community for a long time, you probably know the place like the back of your hand. On the other hand, new residents or guests may not be as familiar.  Effective signage – particularly directions to amenities that might be harder to find – can be helpful.

Cautionary signage are legal disclaimers that protect your Association’s liability.  Things like “park closes at dusk” or “don’t swim without a lifeguard present” may seem banal, but they can have legal implications.  Working with your Association’s lawyer, you can improve cautionary signage throughout your property.

Programmatic Amenities Review

Reviewing amenities for cost effectiveness is a good project for the finance committee.  But the programmatic side is ideal for your facilities committee. This Condo Association facilities project is focused on seeing what amenities your community would like to add, or what they might want to subtract.

A review can help you assess if your demographics or Owners’ needs have changed.  An example might be a community that has gone from many singles to many young families.  The young families might want to see a playground added, or they might have less use for a business center.  Utilize a variety of methods to see what works best.

Common Areas Refresh

Now that’s a Resident Lounge!

The appearance of a property is important.  A well-maintained, modern property is nicer to live in and will impress prospective buyers more.  While larger projects can get costly, you might be able to refurbish more limited areas, such as lobbies, gyms, business centers, or playrooms, on a smaller budget.  When you make improvements, focus on not only aesthetics, but durability. For example, carpet tile or laminate floors might be a more durable alternative to standard carpet.   

Use Condo Association Facilities Project Ideas to Always Be Improving

Your community should strive to always be improving and evolving.  Identifying and implementing cost-effective projects is a great way to fight apathy, improve Owner quality of life, and increase property values.  Work effectively with your facilities committee to achieve all of these goals and lead a better Condo life.

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