Ways to Reinvigorate an Apathetic Condo Association Board


Fighting apathy is one of the hardest parts of being on a Condo Association Board.  Whether it’s the grind of the pace of Condo leadership, or bad Board members getting their way, Boards can fall into a rut.  This can be incredibly stressful and discouraging, and lead to Board burnout. A telling sign of these ruts is when the majority of work is done by a minority of Board members.  This becomes a vicious cycle that self-reinforces and becomes toxic quickly. Breaking out of these ruts can be difficult, but it is not impossible. Here are ways for you to reinvigorate an apathetic Condo Association Board so you can get back to leading a better Condo life.

Start Tracking Productivity to Shame Nonperformers

Ring the bell!

A second option is to begin tracking Board member actions to quantitatively shame the non-performers.  You could do this in a crude manner, using one of the many digital collaboration tools available.  Actions to quantify might include drafting Owner responses, leading projects, or showing up to meetings. With the hard data of who is performing and who is not, you’ll be able to shame the non-performers into stepping up.  This will hopefully have the effect of making an apathetic Condo Association Board get their act together and start producing.

Force a Meeting to Discuss Options

The first option is to call a meeting specifically to discuss ways to become a better Board.  The goal of such a meeting is to bring everyone together to talk about the problem and possible solutions.  Such a meeting should be focused on diagnosing the problem, giving Board members a chance to say their piece, and finding a solution.  These meetings are awkward, but they give you a chance to reset and move forward.

Resign Because It’s Not Worth It

Sometimes this is the answer.

A final option to consider is resigning from the Board.  This might seem extreme. But being a Board member is a volunteer gig.  It isn’t worth the stress if you can’t get other Board members to change.  There are some risks to this – for example, if you’re the sole voice of sanity and then you quit, the Board – and therefore the Association – will suffer.  But sometimes, you need to put YOU first. Sometimes you can’t save an apathetic Condo Association Board.

Be an Engaged Board

Sometimes you need to force some awkwardness to fix problems.  When dealing with an apathetic Condo Association Board, the most important thing to remember is that it won’t fix itself.  You need your engaged Board members to step up and get the others in line. If you can’t do that, consider resigning. Sometimes you need to step back to live a better Condo life.

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