Types of Enemies in a Condo Association


One of the challenges of being on a Condo Association is that you’re forced to make hard decisions.  With fiduciary duty as your guide, it is inevitable that you will be forced to choose the Association over an Owner.  Further, during rules enforcement, you’ll often have to play the role of judge, jury, and executioner.  This will result in making enemies in a Condo Association.  

Those Who Didn’t Get What They Want

Why didn’t my Condo Association approve my non-urgent request immediately???

The first class of enemies in a Condo Association is those who didn’t get what they want.  It may have been someone asking for an exception and was overruled.  Perhaps they put in a last-minute request for something non-urgent and it was denied.  It may have been a committee member who had a proposal you turned down.  This general class is usually the least toxic.  They’ll bear a grudge, but they usually won’t escalate things.  You can expect them to casually ignore you or complain when you see them – or bad mouth you behind your back.

Those Whom You Disciplined

The next class of enemies are those whom you disciplined.  These are the folks who were on the receiving end of a disciplinary hearing.  This can be a dangerous class of enemies in a Condo Association because they already have a penchant for bad behavior.  Condo Association hearings typically only occur for repeat offenders.  These individuals often have social boundary issues.  As such, they can be rude or even aggressive when you encounter them.  Be careful when you encounter them, and cautious not to escalate further.  

Condo Association Pariahs

We all know who they are.

Pariahs are those who you have run up against multiple times, and they have made it their sworn goal to actively oppose the Condo Association.  This may include frequent threats of litigation, active disruption of Condo Association meetings, and aggressive behavior towards Condo Board members and Management.  Pariahs are usually created from a mixture of issues.  Typically they’re reasonably intelligent and have a sense of entitlement, and they butt heads with the Board.  This mixture makes them a constant nuisance to deal with.  

Expect to Make Enemies in a Condo Association

You can’t do the job of a Condo Association Board member without making some enemies.  This doesn’t mean you should actively seek out confrontation.  But it does mean that doing your job and making hard decisions isn’t always rewarded.  Don’t be intimidated and don’t torture yourself.  Sometimes making sure your Association leads a better Condo life means run-ins with a select few.  

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