Tips for a Great Condo Association Newsletter


Having good communications is one of the keys to a successful community Association.  There are a variety of ways you can engage with your Owners – whether it is short-form social media or longer-form newsletter.  Here are some tips for a great Condo Association newsletter.

Get Your Newsletter Professionally Designed

Visual appeal can be the difference between an Owner picking up your newsletter and reading important information and passing it by.  If you are committed to your newsletter, consider having the design template and graphics professionally done.  Ideally, you’ll have an Owner with this skill who will volunteer their time for free.  Alternately, consider spending a couple hundred bucks, if it’s within your budget, for the investment of a good design.  If you’re going to be putting out a regular newsletter, the expense will be worth it to have a professional product.  

Get Bolder on Your Content

You need the sizzle of a well-designed newsletter, but without meaty content, it will fall flat.  The basics include updates from the Board, party flyers, and public service announcements.  But if you want to keep your content fresh and exciting, here are some additional ideas:

  • Regular blog posts from different Board members or committee chairs – this is a way to promote the community and also adds a personal touch from your Association’s leadership.
  • Summarize news stories relevant to the neighborhood, such as new developments being built, new restaurants opening, etc.
  • Photo content from your Owners – this is a way to get your Owners engaged and boost your social media participation
  • Coupons from local shops and restaurants.

Expanding your content to include these ideas will put you on the path for a great Condo Association newsletter.

Expand Participation

A key to expanding content is to expand participation to your community.  Look to specific types of content where you can incorporate new voices.  For example, try to incorporate Board members, committee members, and even “regular” Owners.  The key to many of the content ideas above is that they aren’t the same people writing the articles.  One of the best ways to build a community is to increase engagement.  If you can create an interactive product rather than having all the information flow from the Board, you’re on your way to a great Condo Association newsletter.

Build a Great Condo Association Newsletter

Creating a solid Condo Association newsletter is relatively straightforward.  Turning your newsletter into an source of not only information but also Owner engagement is how you take it to the next level.  Keep up the quality and you’ll be leading a better Condo life.   

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