Tips to Create an Internal Condo Association Website for Owners


Communication is a key part of any Condo Association community.  Whether it’s for social purposes, governance, or maintenance, you need to be able to communicate with your Owners.  Once you’ve tackled an external website, you need to start thinking about what your internal website should look like.  An internal website for your Owners serves as a focal point for your Association’s activities.  It can include payment portals, reporting maintenance issues, and social events.  Much like with an external website, you will want to work with a qualified vendor.  However, as the Board, you need to make sure you’ve got a vision for the Condo Association website for Owners to access that makes sense.  

Securing Your Condo Association Website for Owners

Before anything else, you need to make sure your website is secure.  Consult with this article on Condo Association cybersecurity to ensure that you’re protecting your website.  You’re likely going to have sensitive information on your Condo Association website for Owners, so make sure to protect.

Figure Out Who Will Run the Website

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Figure out who’s running the show, or your communications will be flat.

You will need to identify is who is going to run the website once it’s established.  Stale websites will not attract Owners, so you need to ensure activity and usefulness.  You might have a communications committee that you task with the website maintenance.  Or it could be an additional duty for your building Management.  No matter who runs it, make sure you have a process for determining what content is suitable and ensure everyone understands the rules of the road.

Payment Portal

Your Condo Association website for Owners should allow for the payment of Condo fees.  This could be via a direct billing system, or you might simply have a link to a payment processing system that is run by your Management.  Either way, this is a key function of convenience.  You also could build in a system to pay for maintenance items, fines, or other charges Owners might accrue.  

Social Hub

The website can be a key tool for organizing social events for your community.  For example, you might list upcoming events that your community is hosting, like parties or Condo Board meetings.  You could include message boards or forums for people to engage with each other.  If you use social media, you could also use your Condo Association website for Owners as a hub for your various social media platforms.  

Important Document Repository

A virtual one of these is handy on your Condo Association website for Owners.

Although one might get frustrated with Condo Association rules and Bylaws, they are important.  Your Condo Association website for Owners can serve as a repository and easy access for all of your Bylaws, rules, and other forms that an Owner might need.  Keeping everything in one place ensures informed Owners know where to go to find them.

Use the Website as a Focal Point for Your Community

Giving everyone a singular place to go helps your community at multiple levels.  It helps you get the word out by having consolidated communications.  It can make your Management’s life easier by allowing people to quickly submit problems or issues.  And finally, it builds a sense of community by giving people a place to interact.  Remember that you need someone to “own” the website.  If the content and community aren’t curated, don’t be surprise if the Condo Association website for Owners backfires or fails.  If you can figure out good content and enlist some volunteers, you’ll have a great website and a better Condo life.  

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