Three Tips to Have Happy Condo Association Owners


Every Association wants happy Condo Association Owners.  Happy people smile and say nice things and generally don’t complain too much.  Unhappy people, on the other hand, complain about small things and may even try to shoot you.  An Association has a great deal of power over its Owners’ and renters’ quality of life.  Here are three ways to ensure you have happy Condo Association Owners.

Keep a Well-Maintained Community

You don’t need to have perfect landscaping, but keep the lights on and the paint fresh.

No one likes living in a building with lights that don’t work, peeling crown molding, trash, or broken fixtures.  It conveys an attitude of neglect, decreases curb appeal, and is generally depressing.  There are two key things to keep in mind to have a well-maintained community.  First, you need to ensure that you are adequately funding your cleaning and maintenance staff.  This is both the Board and Management’s duty to carry out.  Second, you need to rapidly identify and fix problems.  This is a team sport.  Make sure that everyone is working together for a well-maintained community.

Keep Condo Fees Fair

Note that Condo fees should be “fair,” not low.  Everyone wants low fees, but no one wants a special assessment.  Ensure that you are squeezing out expenses wherever you can and that you are responsibly budgeting for the future.  Most importantly, communicate with your Owners so they understand where their money is going.

Maintain Your Environmental Systems

You don’t want these breaking in summer!

If there’s one thing that will ruin someone’s day, it is a cold shower in the morning when you were expecting a hot one.  While a cold shower may have health benefits, it’s a rude surprise for most people!  Similarly, when air conditioning fails on a hot summer day, you’re going to have unhappy people.

Maintaining these systems is critical to having happy Condo Association Owners.  Ensure that you are carrying out proactive maintenance on these systems, particularly before the appropriate season.  


Happy Condo Owners Mean a Happy Association

It is the responsibility of the Board and Management to govern effectively.  There are big things at stake in that process.  Equally important is making sure you have happy Condo Association Owners.  Keep your Owners happy and you’ll lead a better Condo life.  

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