Three Great Reasons to Join a Condo Association Board


Making the decision to join a Condo Association Board is a big step.  You’ll be responsible for the governance and management of a community – possibly one with hundreds or thousands of people living in it.  The job will be intense.  Before you make this big leap, you need to ask yourself: Do I want to join a Condo Association Board for the right reasons?  What are the great reasons to join a Condo Association Board?

1. Protect Your Condo Association’s Property Value

Protect your Condo’s value the way they protect the queen.

One great reason to join a Condo Association Board is to protect the value of the properties therein.  You may feel strongly that you know how to effectively carry out a fiduciary duty for the Condo Association.  As an Owner, you have a great incentive to protect your investment by being a great Board member.  If your Condo Association is facing particularly challenging times, such as a major project or special assessment, it may be even more important for you to step up.

One important thing to remember if you join a Condo Association Board is that your job is to protect the Association, not just your own property.  You need to make sure you’re fairly representing everyone and not just yourself.

2. Give a Voice to a Group that Feels Underserved

One of the greatest reasons that any political leader runs for office is to give a voice to a community that doesn’t feel they are being well represented.  You see this all the time in national and local politics, whether it’s a trade union, business coalition, or anything in between.  Although not as common in homeowner’s associations, it is still an issue that comes up.  

Groups within a community Association tend to be more divided among age and amenity users.  For example, young families and older Owners might have very different opinions on how decisions in the Association should be made.  Those with young families might want more amenities for kids, like a wading pool or a playground.  Other amenities – particularly gyms and pools – tend to attract a vocal group of Owners.  Gym users might feel a Board isn’t spending enough money to maintain the gym.  

As with real politics, you might join a Condo Association Board because you are a member of one of these groups and feel that they need a voice.  As noted before, you need to be careful about how you govern.  But if you have like-minded Owners and can get elected, you have every right to govern accordingly.  Representing those owners is a great reason to join a Condo Association Board.  

3. Gain Life Experience

There are many reasons being on a Board is good for you.  It improves your communication skills and your management skills and gives you very practical experience.  If you want to join a Condo Association Board to gain these skills, more power to you!  If you feel that a Board will help you grow, you likely are an enthusiastic and energized individual.  That’s exactly the type of people who should join a Condo Association Board.

Be Energetic and Make a Difference

This bunny is memorable because he doesn’t stop working. Be the same for your Condo Board.

There are many great reasons to join a Condo Association Board.  What they all have in common is that you’re joining because you want to add value and do good for your community.  If you have a goal to make things right or make things better, that puts you ahead of the greedy and selfish Board members who might otherwise occupy a Board.  Aim to make your community a better place – be it to protect your investment, represent a group, or just gain life skills – and you’re on the right track.  

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