Thankful in 2016: One Year of Better Condo Life


At the start of November, Better Condo Life had its first birthday.  I can’t believe we’re at one year of Better Condo Life  already!  It’s been a fantastic experience blogging for the past year, and I am incredibly grateful for everyone who has visited the blog or is a regular reader.  I’ve learned a lot, both about the Association business at large and writing in general.  This was a great first year, and there’s more to come.

What I’ve Learned

A horn of plentiful... blog posts.
A horn of plentiful… blog posts.

There are a ton of really smart and bright people out there in the Association business.  There are a number of thought-provoking lawyers, management companies, and others.  They are constantly looking for ways to do things better and to help community Associations (link) navigate through ever evolving times.  

There are also some people who have clearly given up.  They view all HOAs and Condo Associations as a scourge with no added value.  To them, there is no up-side, no hope.  It is a rigged system from which there is no salvation.  I’ve seen HOAs and Condo Associations in dark times, but it is clear that there are many places where they are worse.  

Writing for a Better Condo Life

The message of this blog will continue to be one of general positivity. I will continue to identify and highlight negative behavior as it pertains to Condo Associations.  However, the primary focus will remain giving Owners, Board, and Management advice and guidance to do the best they can in leading their Communities.  I find that I am still coming up with new ideas around general themes and tips.  Big changes in policy and technology – like Airbnb, drones, and the legalization of weed – continue to create new challenges.

Plans for 2017

Beyond that, I have ambitious plans I hope to realize in 2017.  A few teasers of what to expect:

  • More Condo Association guides – packaging up some of my focused, helpful content into more deep dives to help readers.  The current guides are a good start, but they can be better organized and deeper.
  • A site redesign and graphics – The site is intentionally bare bones.  I wanted to see how far I could get over the past year and if I could keep pace with the writing.  Now that I have, I’ll be cleaning things up and making them prettier.
  • eBook content – Probably a combination of free and paid eBooks.  I’d like to create longer-form guides which build on my writing but also include more research citations and sample materials – for example, sample correspondence from Boards or Management to Owners that captures effective communications techniques.  


What keeps me going is the fact people actually read the website, tweet me, or email asking for help.  Condo Association business can be pretty damn dry.  Despite that, you’re an engaged and awesome audience. Thank you and look forward to even more this year!

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