Condo Association Issues Condo Owners Cannot Control


One of the premises of Better Condo Life is that apathy is a detriment to Condo Associations, and informed and involved Owners can control their Condo destiny.  In general, this is true. You may choose not to invest the time to be informed and involved, but the option is always there. However, there are certain Condo Association issues Condo Owners cannot control, no matter what the circumstances...

Three Odd Condo Association Issues


There are numerous challenges of being on a Condo Association Board.  You are expected to be a leader, adjudicate rules, and manage large budgets.  What you don’t get prepared for is the weird and frustrating stuff. Some things are zombie issues that just won’t die.  During my lengthy tenure on a Condo Association Board, here are some odd Condo Association issues I never thought I’d deal with...

Tips for Dealing With Condo Association Enemies


Making enemies in a Condo Association is inevitable.  Unfortunately, while they might be your enemy, they’re also your neighbor.  Though you might be tempted to escalate the hostile activities, as a Condo Association Board member, that’s not really a great idea.  The key to dealing with Condo Association enemies is to ensure that you are taking the high road and de-escalating the situation. Never...

Types of Enemies in a Condo Association


One of the challenges of being on a Condo Association is that you’re forced to make hard decisions.  With fiduciary duty as your guide, it is inevitable that you will be forced to choose the Association over an Owner.  Further, during rules enforcement, you’ll often have to play the role of judge, jury, and executioner.  This will result in making enemies in a Condo Association.   Those Who...

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