Thoughts on Condo Association Board Ethics Training


One way local authorities seek to improve Condo Association Board performance and reduce corruption is to implement mandatory training for new Board members on Condo Association Board ethics.  The trainings discuss fiduciary duty, conflicts of interest, and other related topics. Are the trainings useful or useless? Let’s break down some thoughts on Condo Association Board ethics trainings...

Communicating Condo Association Bad News


Shockingly, it isn’t always rainbows, puppy dogs and chocolate in a Condo Association.  Sometimes there are things that go wrong.  It might be your air conditioner dying during the hottest week of the year, a crime incident where an Owner was involved, or maybe even worse.  In these situations, there is always a human desire to hide the news or hope it doesn’t get out.  This is the wrong attitude...

Tips to Create an Internal Condo Association Website for Owners


Communication is a key part of any Condo Association community.  Whether it’s for social purposes, governance, or maintenance, you need to be able to communicate with your Owners.  Once you’ve tackled an external website, you need to start thinking about what your internal website should look like.  An internal website for your Owners serves as a focal point for your Association’s activities.  It...

Tips to Create an External Condo Association Website


Communication is one of the key elements of a Condo Association.  In today’s day and age, an online presence is becoming mandatory for most entities, and Condo Associations are no exception.  Web expertise is highly commoditized, and you can easily hire someone or find a volunteer from within your Association to help you carry out the actual act of building the website.  The part that a Board and...

The Importance of Condo Association Good Will


Much of Condo Association planning and strategizing is based on maximizing resources.  How do you make the most of Condo Association assessments?  Does your community budget well?  How do you maintain reserves?  The answers to these questions are vital to a Condo Association’s survival.  But there is another resource that’s important – one that is not given nearly the same level of respect...

How to Run an Effective and Fair Condo Association Election


Election time in Condo Associations might be a big deal – or a big snooze.  Regardless, you want to make sure that you are organizing things well.  You want to ensure that there is interest, engagement, competition, and most importantly, fairness.  This guide will help ensure you run an effective and fair Condo Association election. Develop a Schedule Your Bylaws will typically indicate...

Five Tips for an Effective Annual Condo Association Meeting


Annual Condo Association meetings are one of the cornerstones of Association life.  While monthly Board meetings might draw a handful of people, you usually will see a couple dozen at the annual meetings.  Some Boards treat the annual meeting like a “check the box” activity, which is a huge mistake.  Instead, your annual Condo Association meeting is an opportunity for Owner engagement and...

How to Judge Condo Association Hearings


You’ve prepared for your hearing and held your hearing – now it’s time for you to decide the outcome.  This is the judgment and penalty phase of the hearing process.  Unlike the other phases, in this phase, you’re dealing with your fellow Board members.  Depending on your Board composition, this may make things harder or easier.  Here are the steps to effectively judge Condo Association...

How to Hold a Condo Association Hearing


Once you’ve prepared for a Condo Association hearing, you’ll have done all of the necessary legwork to minimize conflict and maximize the outcome.  While preparation makes things easier, you will still need to go through with the hearing itself.  These tips will help you hold a Condo Association hearing in the most effective way possible.   Explain the Process and Be Courteous Hearing proceedings...

When do you need a Condo Association Code of Conduct?


Codes of Conduct have been springing up in many private companies.  The idea behind them is setting clear expectations of positive and negative behaviors.  Those who do not follow the Code of Conduct are disciplined, and thus you have a more harmonious organization.  There is some evidence in favor of this, and some evidence against it.  It is no surprise that some Boards implement a Condo...

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