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Overreaction in a Condo Association


One of my favorite sayings about Condo Associations is “the emotions are so high because the stakes are so low.”  Now that’s not to say that serious things can’t happen.  Sometimes you’re dealing with major projects or special assessments that have huge impacts on your Owners’ quality of life and personal finances.  On the other hand, sometimes you’re dealing...

August 2016 Condo Association News Roundup


August may be the time when most people are on vacation, but it wasn’t a slow month in the Condo and HOA world.  Hundred million dollar Condo Associations sinking into the ground, HOA Owners rallying to fight for their communities, and more Airbnb battles.  Enjoy the August 2016 Condo Association News! Ultra-luxe Millennium Tower is sinking and homeowners are furious Riley McDermid, San...

Robot Security Guards in Condo Associations


While much of Condo Association life is important – albeit sometimes dry with topics like Special Assessments, major projects and the like – it’s also fun to take a look at the future and what new technologies might one day transform Condo Association life.  Drones are already here and now, today we’ll be covering an innovation that’s still probably several years away from mainstream...

Effective policies for Managing Emergency Situations in a Condo Association


I recently wrote about how important it is to protect the powers of the Condo Board.  To ensure you run a transparent and open Condo Association, you must protect your Board powers.  But the reality is that life is messy.  Sometimes crazy stuff happens and you don’t have the luxury of the usual slow pace of a Condo Board.  How can you ensure transparency in a Condo Association in these...

The Three Key Relationships that Strengthen your Condo Association


There is a saying that you make your own luck.  As anyone who has help run an Association knows, you will run into a lot of challenges.  Some things – like the maintenance of major systems – are to be expected.  Other times you’ll experience wacky things you can’t imagine.  The key to navigating issues is building these three key relationships that strengthen your Condo...

Conducting a Police Safety Walkthrough in a Condo Association


Part of ensuring a safe community includes having a good understanding your Association’s physical layout.  A walkthrough is key to devising an effective security plan.   There are a few ways you can perform a walkthrough – on your own, through a professional company, or with the help of your local police jurisdiction.  Many local police precincts have police liaison programs.  These...

Condo Association Security Plans


Condo Association security is a tough topic – as I’ve covered here and here.  Although my Association is in a nice neighborhood, we’ve had our share of incidents, and each time it’s a bit jarring.  Today I’ll be covering the fundamentals of how to build a Condo Association security plan.   I will preface this by saying you should always work with a qualified security consultant who can...

Condo Association Safety and Security 201


In the 101 edition of Condo Association Safety and Security, we covered the basics of how to ensure your Association is safe and secure.  Today we’ll follow up on more advanced topics to help you have a secure and safe Condo Association.   The AED Issue Automatic External Defibrillators (AED) are one of the greatest inventions with regards to saving lives in the past few decades.  Combined...

Condo Association Safety and Security 101


Condo Association safety and security is one of the big three.  As a Board, your job is to facilitate a safe and secure environment.  The nuances of this are highly variable – your Condo’s location, local ordinances and laws, your Owners’ desires, and your budget will have a large impact on how you address this issue in your Association.  This article will serve as an introduction to the...

The Top Three Priorities for Condo Associations


Sometimes it seems that everything related to a Condo Association sucks.  If you’re an Owner, the Association seems out to get you at every turn.  If you’re a Board member, it feels like the building is full of whiners and every vendor wants to screw you.  For Management, it can seem like every Owner is intent on doing dumb things and your Board is out of control.  It can be easy to lose sight of...

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