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The Better Condo Life Principles


This post is long overdue.  This blog was started to help everyone involved in a Condo Association – Owners, Board, and Management – lead a better Condo life.  But what does that really mean?  After seeing the Condo Association ecosystem in action, I have a good grasp of the Better Condo Life Principles.  They’re not for everyone, but if you like what you see – then this blog is...

A Bad Condo Association Board Habit to Avoid


Grumpy and petulant Condo Association Board members are devastating in a Condo Association.  Whether you are in a well run – or poorly run – Condo Association can be revealed by many signs.  If your goal is to run your Condo Board more effectively, there are a number of things you can do.  Today is focused on one bad Condo Association Board habit that can easily be broken.   The “I...

Fundamentals of Good Condo Association Management


Running a Condo Association is no simple task.  You must manage a budget, keep a building in good repair, fix issues for Owners, deal with unexpected disasters, manage crazy Board members, and more.  Although this can be daunting, there are certain Condo Association management basics which will help guide you towards success.  For today’s article, Better Condo Life is teaming up with The FolSon...

Four Tips for a Productive Condo Association Committee


Condo Association Committees can be a powerful force within a Condo Association.  As Associations are volunteer entities, they are only as strong (or weak) as the level of Owner engagement.  Boards typically have their hands full with things like major projects , Special Assessments  and hearings.  When you add in jobs, kids, and school, this leaves most Boards with little bandwidth.  This is...

Managing Condo Association Workflow


Being on a Condo Board is a challenging job.  You may understand what you’re getting into, but living it is a whole different beast.  Board members have numerous challenges to contend with.  You resolve disputes, create budgets, execute major projects and deal with emergencies.  And as life works, these issues usually come up when you’ve got personal or professional things going on in the...

Sharing Condo Association Work on a Board


A Condo Association is a volunteer organization.  You know what you’re getting into and how a Condo Board works.  Unfortunately, you’ve got different types of Board members who work at different paces.  Some are the super type-A’s who work endlessly.  Some freeload.  Others get frustrated that some freeload and become disengaged.  The old saying goes: “Many hands make light work.”  The key is you...

Learning to Be a Condo Association Board Leader


You know what you’re getting into and you’ve learned how your Board does its work.  You’ve probably been frustrated with some things, and wondered why they aren’t better, or why things aren’t done the right way.  You have grown, grasshopper.  Now it’s time for you to take the next step in your Association: It’s time for you to be a Condo Association Board leader. Focus on Small Wins A big mistake...

Five Common Emails from Condo Owners


A big part of leading a Condo Association is communicating with Owners.  Unfortunately, as many veterans know, most interactions are not Owners telling you how awesome you are and what a great job you’re doing.  Typically their engagement with the Board will be based around two things – Owners wanting something, or Owners providing feedback on current policies.  Here are some typical types...

Three Great Reasons to Join a Condo Association Board


Making the decision to join a Condo Association Board is a big step.  You’ll be responsible for the governance and management of a community – possibly one with hundreds or thousands of people living in it.  The job will be intense.  Before you make this big leap, you need to ask yourself: Do I want to join a Condo Association Board for the right reasons?  What are the great reasons to join...

How to Act Effectively as a New Condo Association Board Member


Learning to be an effective new Condo Board member is a process.  While you may come in with the greatest of expectations and designs, reality is messy and different.  Before anything else, you first need to “learn to learn” – one of the hardest steps.  Now that you’ve got things under control, you’re ready to get work done and make your community better.  Then the question...

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