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The Most Common New Condo Association Board Member Mistake


New blood on a Condo Association Board is critical to the long-term success of a community.  It helps prevent a Condo Board from breaking bad, it invigorates veterans, and it helps promote an active community.  However, with the zeal of service comes the most common new Condo Association Board member mistake that should be avoided at all costs:  jumping to conclusions without any research.  ...

Condo Association Board Scenarios New Members Encounter


There are many good reasons for you to join your Association’s Condo Board.  Some are purely selfish, others are for your community.  One of the greatest challenges when you join a Condo Board is learning how to be an effective Board member.  While there are certain steps you want to take no matter what, another important issue for you to consider is the situation you are diving into.  Here are...

Being a Condo Association Board Mentor


You’ve done it.  Several years – maybe even multiple terms – as a Condo Association Board member and you’re suddenly an accomplished veteran.  You have multiple major projects under your belt, and you’ve improved your community – maybe by starting a committee.  Now that you’re a veteran, it is time for you to pass that information on to the new blood and become a Condo...

Three Condo Association Governance Tips


Governing a Condo can be an exceedingly trying task.  One of the big surprises you’ll face as a new Board member is sorting through what’s important and what is not.  Some things that seem really stupid turn out to be important.  Other things that are obviously important won’t be told to you.  Here are three Condo Association governance tips for new Board members to help you hit the ground...

Managing Condo Association Workflow


Being on a Condo Board is a challenging job.  You may understand what you’re getting into, but living it is a whole different beast.  Board members have numerous challenges to contend with.  You resolve disputes, create budgets, execute major projects and deal with emergencies.  And as life works, these issues usually come up when you’ve got personal or professional things going on in the...

Learning to Be a Condo Association Board Leader


You know what you’re getting into and you’ve learned how your Board does its work.  You’ve probably been frustrated with some things, and wondered why they aren’t better, or why things aren’t done the right way.  You have grown, grasshopper.  Now it’s time for you to take the next step in your Association: It’s time for you to be a Condo Association Board leader. Focus on Small Wins A big mistake...

How to Act Effectively as a New Condo Association Board Member


Learning to be an effective new Condo Board member is a process.  While you may come in with the greatest of expectations and designs, reality is messy and different.  Before anything else, you first need to “learn to learn” – one of the hardest steps.  Now that you’ve got things under control, you’re ready to get work done and make your community better.  Then the question...

Fighting Apathy: Identifying Great Condo Board Member Candidates


Condo Association Boards have an extremely challenging job when it comes to running their Associations.  They have substantial control over finances and the direction a community goes.  The fear of breaking bad – and resulting horror stories – is very real.  Good Board members hold things in check and grow a community.  In most Condo Associations, a Board has five, seven, or maybe...

The First Steps to Learn to be a Condo Board Member


New Board members are are a key to fighting apathy.  They come in full of energy, ready to change the Association for the better.  They know what they’re getting into, but how do you get to work?  This article is the first in a series targeted at helping Owners learn to be a Condo Board Member.   Figure Out What the Association is Really Doing You likely joined your Condo Association Board...

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