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Condo Association Problem Solving Strategies


One of the worst habits of Condo Boards is the desire to bicker and debate issues which the Board is wholly unqualified to answer.  Nothing is more eye roll-inducing from Board meeting attendees than hearing people who have no idea about a technical subject – say, concrete – debate for a half hour.  This is not efficient or productive. This is the age of the internet, and there are numerous ways...

A Bad Condo Association Board Habit to Avoid


Grumpy and petulant Condo Association Board members are devastating in a Condo Association.  Whether you are in a well run – or poorly run – Condo Association can be revealed by many signs.  If your goal is to run your Condo Board more effectively, there are a number of things you can do.  Today is focused on one bad Condo Association Board habit that can easily be broken.   The “I...

How to Record Actionable Condo Association Meeting Notes


Every month, your Condo Association holds a monthly meeting.  While at times this meeting may be as exciting as watching paint dry, typically there are important decisions being made.  You might be deciding on finances or maintenance, helping monitor committees, and more.  While you will have official minutes taken, these are often somewhat formulaic and won’t capture the full scope of what is...

How to Run an Effective and Fair Condo Association Election


Election time in Condo Associations might be a big deal – or a big snooze.  Regardless, you want to make sure that you are organizing things well.  You want to ensure that there is interest, engagement, competition, and most importantly, fairness.  This guide will help ensure you run an effective and fair Condo Association election. Develop a Schedule Your Bylaws will typically indicate...

Five Tips for an Effective Annual Condo Association Meeting


Annual Condo Association meetings are one of the cornerstones of Association life.  While monthly Board meetings might draw a handful of people, you usually will see a couple dozen at the annual meetings.  Some Boards treat the annual meeting like a “check the box” activity, which is a huge mistake.  Instead, your annual Condo Association meeting is an opportunity for Owner engagement and...

How to Prepare for a Condo Association Hearing


Hearings are a necessary evil for any large Association.  Condo Associations create rules – sometimes lots of them.  Generally, a cease and desist deters most Owners from breaking the rules.  Every now and then, however, you need to hold a formal hearing.  This usually occurs when you have to issue a fine because an Owner has refused to follow the cease and desist.  The first step in being...

The Hardest Condo Association Board Member Good Habit to Learn


If you’re on your Board, you likely joined it to do good for your community.  There’s a slim chance you’re a jerk or drunk on power, but the vast majority of Condo Board members are there to do the right thing.  In fact, if you’re reading this right now, I KNOW you’re a good member of your Association because you’re taking the time to read about Condo management.  So allow me to introduce...

How to Manage a Difficult Condo Board Member


This article is targeted at my fellow board members out there, but others may find this a useful insight to the joys of being on a condo board.  Most Condo Boards are decently run, but their reputation for pettiness is often well-founded.  The saying “The emotions are so high because the stakes are so low” always makes me chuckle because it is so accurate.  That said, if you’re on a Board, likely...

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