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Strategies for Working with Condo Association Contractors


Keeping your Condo Association in good repair requires you to actively engage with an entire ecosystem of Condo Association contractors.  Professionals such as engineers, roofers, plumbers and more are required to keep things going. Your building Management will likely handle many of the interactions.  Eventually, you will likely work with a project of sufficient magnitude that the Board will...

March 2018 Condo Association News Roundup


March has gone out like a lamb, and spring is in the air.  As we shake off winter, there’s lots to cover in the March 2018 Condo Association news roundup.  An article from Donna DiMaggio Berger talks about how community Associations can handle the construction of neighboring buildings.  An article from Canada talks about the impacts of widespread marijuana legalization on Condo communities and...

Four Ways to Identify Condo Association Consultants


Today’s post was inspired by a reader’s email seeking advice on how to identify good vendors and technical representation.  This is a great question, particularly on the technical representation side.  Technical representation is a key resource that your Condo Association needs to have to be successful.  Your Condo likely has numerous major systems – roofs, facade, concrete, elevators...

Prioritizing Condo Association Major Projects


Today’s article was inspired by a reader email.  In a perfect world, your Condo Association has perfect financial forecasting.  Whenever a major project is due, you have the reserves ready to initiate without any problems.  Unfortunately, very few of us live in a perfect world.  Often you will be forced into making trade-offs and prioritizing projects due to a lack of financial resources.  In...

Tips for Entering Owners’ Units in Condo Associations


Living in a Condo Association means that you are subject to a wide variety of Bylaws, rules, and other conditions.  One of the interesting – and often frustrating – issues results from entering Owners’ units in Condo Associations.  This can be necessitated by a variety of factors.  The most common occurs when there is work that affects common elements, or shared space, that must be...

Three Condo Association Project Red Flags


When you’re carrying out a major project, you’re bound to encounter issues.  Unhappy Owners, unexpected “surprises” during the project, and other challenges are to be expected.  A challenging issue is figuring out what problems are part of the normal lifecycle of a project and which ones are signs of a bad performer.   Here are three Condo Association project red flags that Boards and Management...

Ensuring You Don’t Over Plan Condo Association Major Projects


Planning for a major project in a Condo Association is a big deal.  You have to bid out projects, work with vendors, educate Owners, and execute.  You want the project to go as smoothly as possible, of course.  And an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  However, there is such a thing as going too far when you are preparing.  If you spend hours and hours trying to plan every possible...

Condo Association Repair Project Questions to Consider


Major projects within a Condo Association are a part of life.  Over time, things break down and need to be rehabilitated and repaired.  If you have strong reserves and don’t need a special assessment, the projects are somewhat straightforward.  However, depending on the project, you’re going to have impacts to your Owners.  Before starting any major project, here are Condo Association repair...

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