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Establishing Effective Condo Association Parking Policies


Parking is one of the hottest and most contentious topics in a Condo Association.  Issues like more cars than parking spaces, improperly recorded deeds, and handicap parking can make for a complicated situation for Boards and Management.  In today’s post, Better Condo Life is teaming up with Kevin Hirzel of Cummings, McClorey, Davis and Acho, PLC to help you tackle the complicated issues related...

The Challenge of Being a Condo Association Public Figure


A Condo Board member faces many challenges.  But one that often goes unremarked is the fact that you are a Condo Association public figure – in addition to all your other jobs.  At the end of the day, you are an elected public official.  You run an Association that might be modest in size, or could be a thousand units.  You have the ability to tax people and punish them.  Along with this...

The Condo Association Rule Life Cycle


Condo Association rules are always a hot topic.  In general, people want to be left alone and live quiet, nuisance-free lives.  They don’t want a Condo Association or HOA hassling them over why their blinds are ivory when only eggshell white is approved.  At the same time, they also want to live a life where their fellow neighbors aren’t doing things that disrupt their lives.  They don’t want to...

Lawyers and Condo Associations: Tips for Owners


“I’m going to call my lawyer!”  Welcome to America in the 21st century.  It seems even the most mild disagreements can escalate to someone defiantly exclaiming those six words.  The phrase has gotten so tired and so blustery that it often carries no weight.  For my building, our Management doesn’t even bother to tell us when owners threaten us with legal action unless they actually call a lawyer...

News Roundup: FHA Rules Changes and Denver Protects Developers at the Expense of Owners


There were two big pieces of news which made the rounds in the condo/HOA world over the past month that I want to touch on briefly. FHA Rules Changes For the story itself, Gregory Karp has a good writeup in the Chicago Tribune. For a critical column on these changes, check out Kenneth Harney in the Seattle Times Notable in these changes was the expansion of “owners” to include second homes and...

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