Tips for Navigating a Condo Association Insurance Casualty


Sometimes bad things happen when you’re a homeowner.  Scary things like hail, fire, tornados, acts of God – the long list of dangers you see in your homeowner’s insurance.  When something bad happens, the good news is that you probably have some form of insurance! The bad news is that if it’s a Condo Association insurance casualty, things are not as straightforward as they would be in a single...

February 2018 Condo Association News


February may be a short month, but it wasn’t lacking for interesting Condo and HOA news.  In the February 2018 Condo Association news roundup, we’ve got several topics of interest.  First, Maryland is considering a law that would limit the ability for developers to force Owners to waive their right to sue.  Second, a cautionary tale about why you should always pay late fees from your HOA –...

June 2017 Condo Association News Roundup


The Summer Solstice has passed, and we’re just about at the halfway mark for 2017.  This month has included a number of major news stories that impact Condo life.  In June, we saw Airbnb back in the news as they reached a major deal with the Michigan government.  The Colorado Supreme Court ruled on developer liability, and a major lawsuit in Florida was resolved.  Enjoy the June 2017 Condo...

How to Avoid Condo Association Lawsuits


Every Condo Owner – and Board – seeks to live in a harmonious community – one where people have great parties and other events, special assessments don’t happen, and things are great.  Unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in.  Sometimes, despite the best of intentions, things go south.  In today’s litigious society, when things go south, lawyers get involved.  But no...

Condo Association Hearing Tips for Owners


The dreaded hearing.  For whatever reason – maybe legitimate, maybe not – your Board has issued a hearing with your name on it.  They want to meet with you over your behavior and they’ve got the power of the Bylaws behind them to issue a fine.  You can accept blame – or you can choose to fight them.  These Condo Association hearing tips for Owners will help you figure out how to...

January 2017 Condo Association News Roundup


Happy New Year!  We’re into 2017, and there’s quite a bit going on in the world.  But don’t let that distract you, because there’s just as much going on in the Condo world, too!  In the January 2017 Condo Association News roundup, we’ve got a number of interesting stories.  Hostile Condo takeovers, more Airbnb drama, and surveys about Condo owner happiness. Whatever...

The Most Highly Amusing 2016 Association Prediction You’ll Read


Although this blog is young, I want to get on the bandwagon of predictions for 2016.  If nothing else, it will be good for a laugh in a year when it turns out I was incredibly wrong.   My prediction for 2016 – this will be the year that the tensions between legalized medical marijuana and Condo Associations and HOAs starts to come to a head.   I believe about 23 states now have legalized...

How to Email your Condo Association to Get Results


Continuing this week’s theme of communications, today I’m going to give Owners some tips on how to email your condo association in a positive and effective way to get the results you want.  Bad stuff happens in home ownership – whether a house, townhouse, or condo.  With a regular house, if something breaks, you have the responsibility to fix it – pretty straightforward.  In an...

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