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Five Condo Association Management Bad Behaviors


Our next installment of the bad behaviors focuses on Condo Association Management.  Management has a tough job – they deal with rude Owners, crazy situations, and more.  They also are the only true professionals in the Condo Association world. They get paid, where committees and Boards do not.  As great as Management can be, there are several Condo Association Management bad behaviors that...

Three Condo Association Management Bad Habits


Management has a challenging job in helping administer and run a Condo Association.  Balancing day-to-day issues and longer-term strategic goals is no easy feat.  Further, you have some Owners who think they can treat Management poorly.  With those challenges in mind, it can be easy for these Condo Association Management bad habits to develop.  While these habits are likely not intentional, they...

The Importance of Using Technology In Condo Associations


Technology has been transforming our society and an incredibly rapid pace.  A smartphone has comparable computing power than all of the NASA computers that sent a man to the moon.  And smart phones are now used by over 200 million people.  Despite this rapid adoption in nearly every aspect of our life, for some reason community Associations struggle with technology.  Oddly, you just don’t...

The Better Condo Life Principles


This post is long overdue.  This blog was started to help everyone involved in a Condo Association – Owners, Board, and Management – lead a better Condo life.  But what does that really mean?  After seeing the Condo Association ecosystem in action, I have a good grasp of the Better Condo Life Principles.  They’re not for everyone, but if you like what you see – then this blog is...

Fundamentals of Good Condo Association Management


Running a Condo Association is no simple task.  You must manage a budget, keep a building in good repair, fix issues for Owners, deal with unexpected disasters, manage crazy Board members, and more.  Although this can be daunting, there are certain Condo Association management basics which will help guide you towards success.  For today’s article, Better Condo Life is teaming up with The FolSon...

Basic Condo Association Cybersecurity


Hackers and malware are everywhere.  Whether you’re a small business being taken advantage of with ransomware, or even the U.S. government sitting on sensitive information of staff with security clearances, you’re at risk.  Condo Associations and Homeowners Associations are potentially juicy targets for hackers for a number of reasons.  First, you have valuable information that...

How to Improve Condo Association Culture for the Better


  Most people in a HOA or a Condo Association – if they are not indifferent – want to have a better Association.  The internet is full of helpful articles and blogs that will help educate you on how to change your Condo and HOA.  But there is an unfortunate challenge that faces every homeowner.  Education is just one step of the process.  If you want to improve Condo Association...

Fighting Apathy: Manage a Condo Association Like You Live There


There is a tremendous amount of pressure put upon Condo Association Management.  Being the focal point for the homes of hundreds – maybe even thousands – of people is no small task.  They are in the middle of dealing with everything – construction, maintenance, disasters, grumpy Owners, mean Boards – you name it.  Most Management is able to ensure a positive and healthy...

How to Help a Condo Association Board Make Decisions


One of the greatest challenges that Management has is helping the Condo Association Board make decisions and take action.  While Management has latitude in many issues, most major decisions rightfully belong with the Board.  Boards are, of course, notorious for their inability to move things forward.  While a Manager can’t solve all of a Board’s problems, what you can do is present actionable...

Who are the Players in a Condo Association?


I refer to the “big three” of condo associations often: Owners, Board, and Management.  As a point of intent, this blog is expressly targeted at providing advice to each of these groups and how they deal with each other.  But who are they, and what do they do?  Here’s a quick breakdown of the players in a condo association. Owners These are the individuals who own a condo and make up the...

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