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Primary Condo Association Board Duties


Being on a Condo Board entails numerous tasks.  Some include intense planning, such as a major project or special assessment.  Other tasks must be more oriented towards being a leader within your community. There are certain Condo Association Board duties which make up the bread and butter of your activities.  No matter what else you work on, you can expect that these three activities are part of...

Four Tips for Resolving Condo Association Disputes


One of the most common issues that a Condo Board member faces is resolving Condo Association disputes.  As a Board member, you are a combination of a legislator and an executive, so your job is often the role of mediator, judge, and sometimes executioner.  Sometimes these activities are extremely formal – such as a Condo Association hearing.  Other times you’re resolving issues...

How to Prepare for a Condo Association Hearing


Hearings are a necessary evil for any large Association.  Condo Associations create rules – sometimes lots of them.  Generally, a cease and desist deters most Owners from breaking the rules.  Every now and then, however, you need to hold a formal hearing.  This usually occurs when you have to issue a fine because an Owner has refused to follow the cease and desist.  The first step in being...

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