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Four Tips for Resolving Condo Association Disputes


One of the most common issues that a Condo Board member faces is resolving Condo Association disputes.  As a Board member, you are a combination of a legislator and an executive, so your job is often the role of mediator, judge, and sometimes executioner.  Sometimes these activities are extremely formal – such as a Condo Association hearing.  Other times you’re resolving issues...

How to Prepare for a Condo Association Hearing


Hearings are a necessary evil for any large Association.  Condo Associations create rules – sometimes lots of them.  Generally, a cease and desist deters most Owners from breaking the rules.  Every now and then, however, you need to hold a formal hearing.  This usually occurs when you have to issue a fine because an Owner has refused to follow the cease and desist.  The first step in being...

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