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Five Condo Association Committee Bad Behaviors


The next installment of the bad behavior series touches on Committees.  Condo Committees can be great force multipliers for your community – whether planning events, improving facilities or helping you scrub your finances.  Like Boards, Management, and Owners, however, they are not immune to bad behavior. Here are five Condo Association Committee bad behaviors to watch out for. Not Communicating...

Five Condo Association Management Bad Behaviors


Our next installment of the bad behaviors focuses on Condo Association Management.  Management has a tough job – they deal with rude Owners, crazy situations, and more.  They also are the only true professionals in the Condo Association world. They get paid, where committees and Boards do not.  As great as Management can be, there are several Condo Association Management bad behaviors that...

Five Condo Association Owner Bad Behaviors


Continuing our bad behavior series, in this post we turn to Owners.  While Owners can often be the victims of bad Boards , they also can have their own flavor of bratty behavior.  In today’s post, we look at Condo Association Owner bad behaviors that can end up rubbing everyone the wrong way. #1: Showing Up to a Board Meeting Just to Complain – At the End! There are many different Owners you can...

Five Condo Association Board Member Bad Behaviors


The goal of this blog is to help you lead a better Condo life.  Primarily, we focus upon the positive – how to be a better Owner, better Board member or better Manager.  The reality is that even the most saintly of people can’t always be positive.  Humans are flawed, and it often seems that Condo Associations bring out the worst in people.  In this new series, we will be highlighting irritating...

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