Retiring Better Condo Life


With mixed emotions, I am announcing that I will be retiring Better Condo Life.  I started this blog in 2015 for a multitude of reasons. These included:

  1. Passing on my experience of Condo ownership and Board membership
  2. Keeping focused in my own Condo life
  3. Learning to effectively blog/leverage social media
  4. Having fun

Over the past month, I’ve been reflecting upon these goals and my progress, and decided that it is time to call it quits.  I’ll talk a little bit about what I set out to do and where I feel I left things over the past three years.

Passing On My Experience

Pretend the arrow is pointing to this blog.

I’ve written somewhere around 250 articles over the past three years.  I’ve covered everything from angry mobs to disasters and dealing with losers.  While there is certainly more content to be written, the reality is that there is a fairly consistent formula to success.  For Owners: show up, be informed and be involved, or don’t be surprised if you get the Condo you deserve (by the way, that post got me some serious hate from the ‘Condos are inherently evil’ crowd).  For Board members: follow your fiduciary duty and do the right thing. For Management: run the place like you live there and remember how much you impact people’s lives in your community.  Sure, there’s always oddities and exceptions, but eventually you run out of bizarre nuances to capture.

Keeping Focused in My Condo Life

I recently announced I stepped down from my previous Condo Board and joined a HOA community.  I had hoped this would keep things engaged, but in reality it was a weight off my shoulders. Burnout is inevitable.  While I have no doubt HOA life will bring many challenges – there are plenty of horror stories – it’s a different phase of living and my life.

Learning to Blog and Utilize Social Media Professionally

A big part of this effort was to up my game for personal reasons with regards to social media, blogging, and content creation.  In this regard, I learned a great deal. I had aspirations to go the eBook route, but I was never able to sit down and focus. That is my greatest regret, as I think it would have been a good experience.  But sometimes real life gets in the way.

Having Fun

Michelangelo is a party dude… but he didn’t have as much fun as I did with this blog.

This blog was fun.  There were some haters and some lovers, but overall it was a very positive experience.  As noted before, however, it’s become a bit of a grind. I can only tell people how to be effective so many ways.  At this point, the main reason to continue would be to try to finally crank out an eBook or two, or to try to hit 500 followers on Twitter (at 485… so close!) – an arbitrary ego boost.  I just don’t think the juice is worth the squeeze.

Final Thoughts

First and foremost: thank you to my readers, collaborators, and contributors.  I couldn’t have done this without you. Condo business is pretty dry, but this blog has always been fun.  I started this blog with the premise that an engaged and involved Owner can make a difference. I end it feeling the same way.  However, leading a community well WILL burn you out. It will take a toll on you. That’s why it takes an entire involved community.  If you can build that positive community, you WILL leader a Better Condo Life.

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