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Over two years of Better Condo Life.  It is hard to believe that it has been that long already.  The first post went out into the world off a Twitter account with no followers.  Since then, this blog has built a solid following.  More importantly, it has kept being a Board member interesting for me.  I have been a Board member for a very long time.  I have considered quitting on two separate occasions – once during a special assessment and once during a major project.  But my Board service has been valuable to my community and for my own growth.  Here are the things that keep Better Condo Life going, even when the Owners are an angry mob and the Condo/work/life balance is all out of whack.

The Desire to Do Things Right

Maintaining balance within your community is key.

Being on a Condo Board means you are governing people’s lives.  You are spending their money for the good of the community and enforcing rules – often in communities that are larger than some towns.  There is no cool title like mayor or a key to the city.  You don’t get compensated or get to turn it into a lobbying career after.  If you’re doing it right, the personal rewards are non-existent.  

What keeps you going is the desire to do things right.  To treat the Association’s money as if it were your own.  To unfortunately bear the job of carrying out a hearing when someone just won’t be reasonable.  A good Condo Board member knows they can and will do it right.  That’s what keeps Better Condo Life going.

Protecting Property Values

Good stewardship and maintenance protect property values.  This only gets done by managing finances and operations correctly, which means an up-to-date reserve study, a good operational budget, and good operations procedures.  If you do these things, then you’re protecting everyone’s property values, including your own.  That’s what keeps Better Condo Life going.

The Reward of Success

There is a distinct thrill of success – of looking at an incredibly insane situation, like a special assessment that was the fault of a developer, and seeing the process through with compassion and skill.  To know that you raised the bar for everyone in your community, whether they show up to meetings or not or even understand the work that goes into being a Board member.  The job got done, and you were a key part of it.  That’s what keeps Better Condo Life going.

Everyone Should Lead a Better Condo Life

The goal of this blog is to help everyone – Owners, Board, and Management – lead a better Condo life.  Through increased communications, good management, and being informed and involved Owners, this goal is achievable.  The system is not rigged if everyone is doing their job.  I have seen my community succeed against steep odds, and I know that yours can too.    

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