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Most people in a HOA or a Condo Association – if they are not indifferent – want to have a better Association.  The internet is full of helpful articles and blogs that will help educate you on how to change your Condo and HOA.  But there is an unfortunate challenge that faces every homeowner.  Education is just one step of the process.  If you want to improve Condo Association culture, it takes more than just education.  You also need action, engagement, and perseverance.


You must get smart before you know how to act.

Education is the first step to improve Condo Association’s culture.  For many Owners, the first steps are to get informed.  For many Board members, they want to accelerate their learning process.  You might be dealing with something entirely new as a Board, like a special assessment or security issue.  Utilizing educational resources is a great way to get an edge.  But it is just the start if you’re going to successfully improve Condo Association culture.  


One you know what to do, you need to act on it. Reading awesome articles at Better Condo Life isn’t enough!

Once you’re educated, the next step is to take action.  Depending on what you’re trying to do, this can be the hardest or easiest step.  A major project is relatively routine.  A special assessment is also routine, but more emotionally draining, as you likely will face angry Owners.  Perhaps hardest of all is doing things that improve your Condo Association culture and participation.  That’s a longer process and involves a campaign of activities, such as a series of community events or working to establish new Condo committees.  You can read about how great committees are all day long, but you need to start recruiting to have a positive effect.

Committing to Improve Condo Association Culture

You need to commit to the idea – you can’t be a one and done.

Transforming a Condo doesn’t happen overnight.  It doesn’t even happen in a month.  Building a thriving community might take years.  This is not a time for half measures.  If your Board – or at least a majority – and Management cannot commit to a course of action, then your chances of success are low.  You must ensure that you’re committed to persevering for whatever change you are trying to see through.  This may mean that you have ten poorly attended events before people start to show up.  

Don’t Rely on the Internet Alone

Learning about ways to make your Condo Association better puts you ahead of the game.  Too many Board members or Owners don’t even try to learn, instead just bemoaning the fact that things are bad.  Taking the first step and learning is important.  But if you truly want to improve Condo Association culture, you need to follow it up with action and perseverance.  That is the secret to a better Condo life.  

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