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Being involved and invested in your Condo Association is something that every Owner should strive for. Whether big or small, Condo Associations thrive from the contributions of the involved Condo Association Owner.  You do not need to be a Board member (link reasons to join a Board) to make a difference.  The involved Condo Association Owner is someone who finds a way to contribute some of their time to enhance their community.  

Participate in a Committee

It takes a group effort to build a great community.

Committee participation is a great way to make a difference without having the burden of being a Board member.  The involved Condo Association Owner ensures that they are contributing to community projects.  These might be enhancing communications through the social committee or enhancing the community facilities.  No matter what the topic, an involved Condo Association Owner utilizes the committee structure to find ways to contribute to the community.

Show Up to Meetings… and Contribute to the Conversation

The involved Condo Association Owner shows up to Board meetings.  Board meetings may be pretty dull, but they are a critical window into how a Condo does its business.  Owner engagement is critical to a Condo Association because it fights apathy.

But the involved Condo Association Owner takes it a step further.  In addition to showing up, the involved Owner actually contributes to the conversation.  They do not ask uninformed or unrealistic questions.  Instead they provide meaningful input to the Board or ask questions that can help advance the discussion.  Often Boards end up as echo chambers that lose touch with the people they represent.  Involved Owners instead provide the valuable perspective of an informed outsider.  This is an invaluable addition to any community.

Volunteer to Support Activities

Why does the green person always get stuck volunteering? Those gray people need to step up.

Whether it’s a party or the need to research a project, there’s always a need for volunteers in a Condo Association.  The involved Condo Association Owner is the one who steps up and answers that call.  It might be to help out at a party or a voter enrollment drive.  Involved Owners take the burden off Board or Committee members and are willing to contribute their time to the community.  This effect is great for the community and a welcome relief for other volunteers.

The Involved Condo Association Owner is a Winner

Often you hear sayings like, “80% of the work is done by 20% of the people.”  Involved Condo Association Owners help break that cycle.  They show that the rest of the community can step up to improve things as well.  While they may not want to join the Board, they serve a valuable role in ensuring that all of the load is not born by a few.  Associations should cultivate and encourage their involved Condo Association Owner cadre.  Such Owners have a positive impact on the community, and may even one day want to join the Board.  

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