Grading Condo Association Predictions for 2017


Here at Better Condo Life, we take integrity and honesty seriously.  In keeping with that spirit, it is time to bring up the Condo Association Predictions for 2017 and see how we did.  Several bold predictions were made.  As we close out the year, let’s take a look at which ones we nailed, and which ones… we flopped.

Prediction #1: Drones will be more of a nuisance… and also a benefit

Small drones are here to stay.

Grade: B

Drones made the news in 2016 as they started to buzz around – doing everything from peeping to helping out governments during rescue operations.  Drones definitely made the news in 2017.  A quick search shows numerous stories of continued peeping drones  throughout the world.  At the same time, drones have been used for great benefit.  For example, following Hurricane Harvey, Allstate and Farmer’s insurance used drones for damage assessment.

We’re going to assign this one a solid B grade.  It is clear that drones are starting to buzz into Association life.  It wasn’t the slam dunk we thought it would be, but this issue is clearly on everyone’s mind.

Prediction #2: Short-term rentals will be largely settled by the end of 2017

Grade: D

If we flubbed one, this was it.  The Airbnb battles continue in full swing.  While some states – like Michigan and Florida – have developed more concrete policies, there are still many questions that exist.  Every month features more and more questions by communities about short-term rentals.  Despite the illegality of these services in many jurisdictions, their rampant use continues, and enforcement remains spotty at best.

This is definitely a D grade prediction.  While some progress has been made, most jurisdictions in the United States don’t have concrete laws, and there’s been little discussion at the federal level.  Expect this to continue into 2018.

Prediction #3: Marijuana will start to pop up as an issue for Associations… for real!

Sadly – we nailed this one.

Grade: A-

2017 has been quite the year for the impact of marijuana on Condo Associations.  Most complaints focus on the smell, such as one couple that endured five years of marijuana smoke problems.  The impact has been ramping up in communities where marijuana is legal.  This trend is expected to continue as more and more jurisdictions go to full legalization.  Canada, for example, is looking to legalize nationwide in the near future.

While legalization does not mean that you can automatically smoke anywhere in a Condo, reality differs.  With more and more people using, the smell of smoke is stronger and stronger.  Communities have to utilize existing enforcement mechanisms or develop aggressive rules to stop the smell of smoke.  

This is a solid A- grade.  Marijuana was adopted widely, and cases and complaints related to it continue to increase.  We feel pretty good about our prediction and how many people started using marijuana – and thus annoying their neighbors.  Expect the issues to continue into 2018 as well – this one is just getting started.

On to 2018!

With a respectable showing for our Condo Association predictions for 2017, we here at Better Condo Life are ready for 2018.  After the new year, we’ll be posting our 2018 Condo Association predictions to give you a taste of what we think is coming next.  

Enjoy your New Year celebration safely and responsibly!

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