How to Get Involved in a Condo Association Committee


Many Owners want to get involved in their Condo Association, but they don’t know where to start.  Condo Associations are daunting and often have an ill repute.  Condo Committees are a great way for you to start giving back to your Association without a major time commitment.  This guide will help you get involved in a Condo Association Committee by showing you how to make sure the Committee matches your interests and includes productive members.

Find a Committee You Are Interested In

Everyone has interests.  And most Associations have Committees to help in their operations.  Depending on the size and engagement of your Condo Association, you may have many active Committees or just a few.  Find out what Committees are available and active in your Association and see if their areas of coverage overlap your areas of interest.  Once you’ve found a possible match (or matches), the next step is to see if you like the people.  

Without volunteers, you won't have much of a Community Association.
Without volunteers, you won’t have much of a Community Association.

Attend a Meeting to See the Chemistry of the Members

Once you have an idea of what Committee you want to participate in, it’s time to get involved.  Sit in a meeting or two as an Owner – Committee meetings should be open to all Owners in most cases.  Observe the behavior of the Committee members in action.  Are they goal oriented?  Do they seem to care about their work?  Or are they just bickering and fighting?  Is there a strong chairperson who seems to have a clue?  Do they ask for attendee input and pay attention to it?  You’ll be able to determine relatively quickly if the committee is something you’re going want to get involved with or not.

Bad chemistry is a major red flag.
Bad chemistry is a major red flag.

Join the Committee

Assuming you like the Committee’s work and the Committee members, now it’s time to join.  Most Associations always need volunteers, so it should be easy to join a Committee.  If your Association has unusually high participation, there may not be a slot available to you.  If that’s the case, I recommend you attend the meetings and participate and volunteer as much as possible.  Most Association Committees will always welcome Owner input and volunteer help, whether you’re an official member or not.  If they don’t – they’re probably not fun people to begin with.

Advanced Work – Starting a Committee

Sometimes an Association’s Bylaws call for many types of Committees, but not all of the Committees will be active.  If you really want to get involved in a Condo Association Committee, you could try to start up a Committee from scratch.  This involves several steps:

  • Learning the Committee’s areas of responsibilities
  • Working with the Board to identify how the Committee will do its work
  • Recruiting members
  • Getting to work

This is an advanced topic which will be covered in more detail in the future.

Be an Involved Owner

Ultimately, Committee participation elevates you into an elite subset of Condo Association Owners – the Involved.  Taking the time to be in the know and add to your Association’s value is beneficial in a number of ways.  It’s good volunteer work – you are helping your community.  It’s good for you – you’re staying aware of your Condo Association’s goings-on, which means you’re protecting your investment in your home.  And it’s good for the Association – you’re helping contribute to the community and making it a better place to live.  Not bad for a few hours a month.  If you want to give back, get involved in a Condo Association Committee.  

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