Four Traits of the Apathetic Condo Association Board Member


Board members come in all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life.  Some are good, and others are bad.  But there’s another flavor that often isn’t talked about – the apathetic Condo Association Board member.  Neither good nor bad, the apathetic Board member chugs along.  While they are not actively selfish or subversive, they’re also not particularly useful.  Here are four traits you can expect when dealing with the apathetic Condo Association Board member.

Does Not Produce Any Material – Or Any Problems

Usually your apathetic Condo Association Board member does not look this cute when doing nothing.

The apathetic Condo Association Board member will not produce any real product or material.  This means no new policies, no spearheading of projects – they’re just… there.  The good news is they also don’t really cause any drama.  They’re unlikely to throw any grenades or ask tough questions of Management.  They just… show up.

Flakes Out on Meetings

Since they are apathetic, you can expect absenteeism from apathetic Condo Association Board members.  They’re likely to flake out on Condo Board meetings, often with little or no notice.  This can be particularly tricky if you’re trying to make quorum.

Does Not Lead Discussion

Don’t expect the apathetic Condo Association board member to step up during a discussion.  They might posit some opinions, but they’re not going to lead the charge or be overly passionate about anything.  You might – with some questions – get them to weigh in.  But don’t expect them to assume a position of leadership on a pressing issue.

Does Not Respond to Issues – Even Emergency Ones

Your Board member would respond, but them they wouldn’t be apathetic.

In order to carry out their business between formal meetings, most Boards use some sort of digital collaboration tool – or at least email.  Being able to discuss items and mature them for a decision point before a meeting is crucial to keeping things running smoothly.  Apathetic Condo Association Board members will be among the last to respond and weigh in, if they respond at all.

Apathetic Condo Association Board Members Hurt Your Board

The problem with apathetic Condo Association Board members is that once you get a majority or near-majority of apathetic or bad members, the productivity of the Board starts to grind to a halt.  Work doesn’t get shared effectively, which accelerates the burnout of your good Board members.  Worse yet, it can enable bad Board members and allow them to carry out nefarious or negative activities.  Apathy is better than outright corruption or negativity, but it does not lead to a better community or a better Condo life.  Keep your talent pool strong and make sure your Board is stocked with people who care and want to improve your community.    

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