Five Condo Association Management Bad Behaviors


Our next installment of the bad behaviors focuses on Condo Association Management.  Management has a tough job – they deal with rude Owners, crazy situations, and more.  They also are the only true professionals in the Condo Association world. They get paid, where committees and Boards do not.  As great as Management can be, there are several Condo Association Management bad behaviors that drive Owners and Boards crazy.

Being Dismissive of Owners

The Marie Antoinette mode of management is not a good look.

Owners can be very difficult, if not downright crazy.  But one of the worst Condo Association Management bad behaviors is being dismissive of Owners.  Management needs to address Owner problems in a timely fashion.  Even if the Owner has a crazy problem, there needs to be a veneer of professionalism.  Owners who feel dismissed either get angry or run to the Board – or both.

Expecting a Decision from the Board on Last-Minute Information

Management is a conduit to the Board.  Boards can be difficult and slow, and throwing out information an hour or a day before a Board meeting and expecting a decision is unrealistic.  In addition, it weakens the relationship. If you have last-minute information, justify why the information is late or why the decision can’t wait. Otherwise you’re just setting unrealistic expectations.  

Not Informing the Board of Owner Issues in a Timely Fashion

If there is an ongoing issue between an Owner and Management that is turning contentious, give the Board a head’s up.  Nothing is more frustrating to the Owner – or the Board – than an email from an Owner to the Board and the Board is clueless about the situation.  Ensure that the Board has the information required to avoid being surprised.

Looking Out for Yourself More Than the Community

Your job is to manage, not just collect a paycheck.

Association issues can get complicated.  Management is often the bearer of bad news, and Boards often shoot the messenger.  Management is paid to advise the community – period. Nothing is more infuriating to Owners and Board members than the feeling that Management is more interested in protecting themselves than the Association.  Make sure you are providing actionable advice to the Board, not weasel words that are indecisive and unhelpful.

Not Asking for Help

All sorts of weird things can happen in a community.  It might be a weird piping issue, an electrical issue, or an out-of-control Owner situation.  Sometimes the best solution is to ask the Board for help, or for the authority to seek out help from a third party vendor.  If you’re out of your league, let everyone know. Struggling with a solution you’re not qualified to provide isn’t good for the Board or for you.

Condo Association Management Bad Behaviors Help No One

Although they rarely express it, Owners and Board members rely heavily upon Management.  They need you, and you need them – they do pay you, after all! Condo Association Management bad behaviors create a rift between you and the community.  If these behaviors sound familiar, perhaps some clearing of the air is required to ensure everyone is leading a better Condo life.

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