Five Condo Association Committee Bad Behaviors


The next installment of the bad behavior series touches on Committees.  Condo Committees can be great force multipliers for your community – whether planning events, improving facilities or helping you scrub your finances.  Like Boards, Management, and Owners, however, they are not immune to bad behavior. Here are five Condo Association Committee bad behaviors to watch out for.

Not Communicating Until Board Meetings

If you aren’t talking, you aren’t working together effectively.

Good communications is key to any successful enterprise – whether Condo Association or business.  Condo Association Committees are no different. One bad behavior sometimes exhibited by Condo Committees is when they go dark and give a Board nothing – until the monthly Condo meeting, whereupon they vomit a ton of information and expect the Board to make decisions.  Sorry folks, Boards need time to review information before they make decisions.

Refusing to Follow Established Processes

Most Associations have a regular flow to how they do business.  They might use any number of digital collaboration tools, or have an internal website as their hub.  One of the more frustrating Condo Association Committee bad behaviors is when a Committee refuses to go with established precedents.  For example, say your community is modern and has a great Slack channel that everyone uses. The Committee might refuse, instead insisting on only operating in email.  Get with the program, guys!

Committees That Create Work Instead of Do Work

Committees are supposed to be force multipliers that strengthen the community.  Much like Board members, the expectation is that they are volunteers who work. One of the most infuriating Condo Association Committee bad behaviors occurs when a Committee makes work.  Instead of executing on ideas, they come up with ideas and then expect the Board or Management to go do them. That’s not how it works.

Committees That Cop Attitude

None of that attitude, please.

Rude people are the worst.  Professional disagreements are standard and normal, but people who pick fights and are disrespectful have no place in a positive community.  Some Committees might decide that they are entitled to an attitude because they are volunteers. This is a bad attitude and one of the worst bad behaviors you’ll see.

Committees That Talk to Vendors Without Spending Authority

Condo Associations are often big entities and a source of business for a number of different vendors.  Typically, spending authority and the ability to source bids is restricted to the Board or Management. This is a good thing, because you don’t want people misrepresenting the Association’s interest.  For example, if you’re in the exploratory phase of a $20,000 project, you don’t want vendors to think you’re ready to take bids. It makes the Association look really bad when Committee members run off and start asking for bids for a project that may never happen.  Sometimes Committees do this unknowingly, but other times it is intentional. That’s a great way for local businesses to stop taking your Association seriously.

Committees Are Great… But Not When They Behave Badly

Committees can add a tremendous amount to a community.  Unfortunately, they can also become anchors and be more trouble than they are worth.  If you’re seeing these Condo Association Committee bad behaviors, it might be time for a conversation with your Committees.  Nip things in the bud before they get out of control, and you’ll be leading a better Condo life.

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