Five Condo Association Board Member Bad Behaviors


The goal of this blog is to help you lead a better Condo life.  Primarily, we focus upon the positive – how to be a better Owner, better Board member or better Manager.  The reality is that even the most saintly of people can’t always be positive.  Humans are flawed, and it often seems that Condo Associations bring out the worst in people.  In this new series, we will be highlighting irritating and bad behavior of all players in a Condo Association.  we’ll be starting out with Condo Association Board Member bad behaviors.

#1: Spending Time on the Trivial vs. the Important

Condo Boards love to argue and debate among themselves.  Unfortunately, there is no correlation between the importance of the issue and the time spent debating it.  One of the most incredibly irritating Condo Association Board Member bad behaviors is when a Board approves a six-figure contract in minutes, and then spends a half hour fighting about what food to serve at the holiday party.  Get your shit together people, time is valuable!

#2: Board Members Who Opine on Pointless Tangents

You know. That guy.

Ah yes, the bloviating opiner.  With no sense of the value of anyone’s time, this is the Condo Association Board member who enjoys talking about… nothing important.  You’re on the topic of engineering, and suddenly it’s a lecture on climate change.  Perhaps you’re talking about garage rehabilitation, and now we’re on a diatribe about how cars are wasteful.  These Board members merrily waste Board and Owner time without a second thought.  Maybe that’s why Robert’s Rules of Order was invented.

#3:  Board Members Who No-Show

Hey, who needs Board members right?  Quorum is overrated, and so is doing work.  Everyone loves the no-show Board member.  Sure, there’s always a valid excuse… but after 30% absenteeism over a year, maybe there’s a pattern.  And maybe that Board member should find a new calling, hmmm?

#4:  Board Members Who Never Create Any Product

If you’re on the Board for the right reasons, you’re there to contribute.  That means planning events, growing your community, creating policies, etc.  It does not mean showing up, being a gas bag, and not adding to the community.  But wait – for some people, it means exactly that!  Definitely one of the most annoying Condo Association Board Member bad behaviors.

#5:  Board Members Who are Rude

It is in fact, not neat.

Perhaps the most unforgivable of the Condo Association Board Member bad behaviors is when Board members are rude – cutting people off, making faces, treating people with disrespect – you know that person.  Civility is not a big ask, folks.  Step up your game.

Bad Board Behavior Hurts the Association

If these Condo Association Board Member bad behaviors sound familiar, I’m sorry.  Hopefully they’re the exception, not the rule.  Although it can be tempting to sink to their level, try to rise above it and be the professional.  Being the bigger person is the best way to lead a better Condo Life.

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