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Big news to share, readers!  After a decade of living in a Condo, Better Condo Life is moving!  My family has decided to move to a new home, which will remove us from Condo life and place us squarely in Homeowners’ Association life.  This is an exciting time. You are likely on the edge of your seat wondering: what will happen to Better Condo Life? Will the blogger ride off into the sunset, or will we see an expanded focus of Better Condo Life?  Fear not! The plan for now is the latter.

New Articles Based on Homeowners’ Associations

Suburbia better watch out !

It has been a lot of fun putting the work of this blog into practice as my family moves to a new home.  I think we gave our new community manager a heart attack when we read the disclosure documents in their entirety, end-to-end, and sent them critical questions that likely no one had ever asked before.  We also found several documents included in error in the documentation – they were for the wrong community!  

This has made me realize that going into a HOA will give me much more to write about.  I intend to cover these new experiences and provide my advice as a veteran of community Associations transitioning from a large Condo to a small HOA.

Plenty of Condo Association Articles Yet to Come

After a decade of Condo living, I have – what feels like anyway – a nearly endless supply of article concepts in various stages of completion.  It will likely take me up to a year of blogging to get through everything that I have captured during my time as an Owner, committee member, and Board member.  I will continue to write these until there’s nothing left to write. So if you come here for the Condo articles – don’t worry – they will still be a focus of Better Condo Life.

What the Blog Will Not Do

Not what this blog is about.

You likely have noticed that this blog does not talk about my direct experiences in my community.  This is because I believe in protecting the privacy of my neighbors, and despite many of my frustrations, would never speak ill of any of the Managers, Board members, or Owners in my Association.  Even if I really, really want to sometimes.  Even after I move, I will not turn this blog into a rantfest about idiots – no matter how tempting!

Thank You for Your Support

Blogging about the Condo and HOA world is definitely niche.  However, the dedicated readership of this blog has kept me going for several years.  I will continue to write about my experiences and provide you tips to leading a better Condo – and HOA – life.  Send an email, leave a message, or tweet at me – I appreciate all of it.

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