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One of the biggest challenges of any Condo Association is learning how to govern effectively.  The best way to do this is to create policies for a Condo Association which are fair, transparent, and effective.  You also want to aim to be proactive, not reactive.  It is better to solve a problem before it starts, rather than play cleanup later.  That’s the best way to make sure you’re creating policies for a Condo Association that make sense.  

Before diving into specific policies, it’s important to understand the basics.  Get started with our guide to creating Creating Effective Condo Association Policies.  This guide will give you all of the tools you need to craft policies that get the job done.  Effective policies have the following characteristics: a clear definition of the problem being solved, enforceability, and a communications plan that makes sure Owners understand why the policy is in effect.  

Lady Justice wants you to create fair policies in a Condo Association.
Lady Justice wants you to be fair when creating policies for a Condo Association.

Specific Policy Guides

Condo Associations need to address a broad range of topics.  While every Association is different, these guides will help you get started in crafting effective policies for a Condo Association.  

How to Create an Effective Condo Association Electric Vehicle Policy – Electric vehicles are rising in popularity.  This article covers how you can craft effective policies for a Condo Association that wants to host electric vehicles.  Learn how to manage your infrastructure, get reimbursement from Owners for electricity, and more.

Handling Election Events in a Condo Association – Depending on the jurisdiction, there’s usually some sort of election going on at the local, state, or federal level.  This guide helps you navigate and make sure election events are held fairly and with as little drama as possible.  

Dealing with Pokemon Go in Your Condo Association – Pokemon Go is a popular “augmented reality” game that is sending legions of kids and adults wandering the streets – and often trespassing.  Learn how to deal with those Pokemon hunters.

Effective Policies for Managing Emergency Situations in a Condo Association – Emergency situations are one of the most dire circumstances a Condo Association can face.  However, with some preparation, you can make your community’s response much more effective.

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