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In a digital age, a Condo Association cannot rely on the “old way” of doing business.  Paper mailers – an email – while necessary, are not sufficient.  If you want to have an effective and connected Association, you need a wide range of digital outreach techniques.  Social media plays an important role in the combination of outreach tools.  Like many digital engagement methods, there are a number of tricks and tips to be effective.  These Condo Association social media tips will help boost your community.  

Pick Your Social Media Platform Strategically

Which social media platform is right for your community?

There are a lot of social media platforms out there.  There are, of course, the big ones like Facebook and Twitter.  But there are a number of others that might be applicable for your Condo Association.  For example, if you have Owners who are all professionals and network-oriented, a LinkedIn page might make sense.  If you have natural scenery – or art-oriented Owners – an Instagram account may be a nice platform for your community.  Regardless of what you pick, make sure it aligns with your goals for your Condo Association social media strategy and your Association’s personality.

Protect the Privacy of Owners

Protecting the privacy of Owners is a key aspect of having an effective Condo Association social media presence.  You never want to post photos of an Owner without permission, for example.  You also don’t want to post information that could expose Owners to risk.  For example, if you’ve got contractors going in and out of units, you don’t want to broadcast that to the world.  Thieves or those with ill intent might hone in on that and use the confusion to try to sneak into a unit.  Examples of a good post might be:

“Association Residents:  Remember there is an ongoing project today.  Please refer to your email for additional information.”  

A bad post might be:

“Association Residents:  Remember, Floor 1 will have contractors in units from 8-10, Floor 2 will have contractors from 10-12, and Floor 3 will have contractors from 2-4.”  

Better to be safe than sorry.  Alternately, consider making your Condo Association social media sites private to add an extra layer of privacy to the community.  

Know Who is Maintaining Your Condo Association Social Media Presence

Nurture and grow your new Condo Association social media presence.

If you’re going to launch a social media presence, make sure you know who is going to be running it – and posting to it.  The most likely options are Management, a Board member, or a communications committee.  No matter who is taking on the project, make sure they understand their roles and responsibilities.  Give them ground rules of what they can and cannot post and how often you expect content to go up, and make sure someone is keeping track of things.  

Consistent Content

If you’re going to commit to launching a Condo Association social media platform, you need to commit to content.  There needs to be a reason for Owners to go – and keep returning to – your site.  Posts once every four months won’t cut it.  Make sure you’re committed to whatever site you’re using. Further, make sure you’re consistent in how the platform is used.  If you’re using Twitter for updates to Owners, make sure you’re posting important information there.  If Facebook is just to share pictures of the community, don’t suddenly post time-sensitive information only to Facebook.  Train your Owners on what to expect from each site.


An effective Condo Association social media strategy will lead to increased engagement and communication.  Love it or hate it, social media is a big part of everyone’s lives in the current environment.  Engaging via social media will help take your communications efforts in your Condo Association to the next level.  

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