Condo Association Issues Condo Owners Cannot Control


One of the premises of Better Condo Life is that apathy is a detriment to Condo Associations, and informed and involved Owners can control their Condo destiny.  In general, this is true. You may choose not to invest the time to be informed and involved, but the option is always there. However, there are certain Condo Association issues Condo Owners cannot control, no matter what the circumstances.

Board Inaction

Look honey, it’s the monthly Board meeting!

Ultimately, you need the Board to reach a majority decision to take action on something for you.  There are legitimate reasons Boards can be slow. However, there are also zombie and apathetic Boards that simply do not move.  In these cases, only extreme actions – such as litigation – will force the Board to move. And litigation can create challenges of its own.

Dependence on Outside Vendors

Certain repairs or remediation may be carried out by an outside vendor on behalf of the Association.  This might be plumbing repairs, structural repairs, or even insurance adjustments. In these cases, you are at the mercy of the vendor.  For example, consider a case where your region has a major windstorm or similar weather event. Said storm might result in roofing damage, and you live on the top floor.  However, the roofing damage might be so extensive to the region that all of the roofers are busy and there is a backlog of work. You can complain to your Board all you want, but this is squarely in the space of one of the Condo Association issues Condo Owners cannot control.

Government Related Incidents

Red tape binds all.

Whether a lawsuit, a permitting issue, or anything else that touches a local government entity, you’re working at the government’s pace, not yours.  You are extremely limited in your ability to expedite things, and at times it might even seem that complaining about the pace makes the government go even slower.  If you’re dealing with a government entity, buckle up – this is definitely one of those Condo Association issues Condo Owners cannot control.

Control What You Can, Ride Out the Rest

You want to be an informed and involved Owner who takes control of your Condo destiny.  But part of being informed is recognizing you can’t control every aspect of your Condo life.  Figuring out what you can and cannot control is one of the secrets to living a better Condo life.

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