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The Condo Association hearing is one of the most dreaded experiences for both Board members and Owners alike.  For Board members, you are forced into a position of serving as judge and jury to your neighbors.  This is an experience that only the most sadistic Board member enjoys.  For Owners, the experience is one typically filled with great acrimony.  Owners are typically either incredibly guilty and delusional, or innocent and at the mercy of a malicious Condo Board.  No matter who you are, this Condo Association hearing guide will help you navigate the process.

How to Prepare for a Condo Association Hearing

Time to figure out who is innocent and who is guilty.

The first post in the Condo Association hearing guide is focused on the preparation phase for Board members.  The saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is as true for a Condo Association hearing as it is everything else.  This article focuses on making sure that a Board has their act together before they hold the hearing.  This includes gathering evidence, knowing your own Condo Bylaws and rules, and evaluating if legal counsel should be present.  

How to Hold an Effective Condo Association Hearing

Now that you’re prepared, it’s time for the main event.  This post is focused on ensuring that the Condo Association hearing is run in a professional and fair manner.  Condo Boards are often viewed as petty and spiteful.  The way to prove this perception wrong is by making sure the Condo Association hearing is carried out respectfully.  This includes ensuring Owners understand the process of the hearing and are given a chance to represent their side of the story, and making sure that everyone agrees with the facts.

How to Judge Condo Association Hearings

Judge Judy is not amused. And neither are you.

Once the hearing is over, the Board must determine if anyone is guilty and how they will be punished.  If an Owner is guilty, the punishment phase is equally important.  Boards must remember that they aren’t there to be punitive, but rather they want to discourage future bad behavior.  This is done by consulting past precedent and ensuring the Board isn’t overzealous in their desire to punish.  

Condo Association Hearing Tips for Owners

If you’re an Owner on the receiving end of a Condo Association hearing, this post is for you.  To be successful, make sure you know the right questions to ask during a hearing to ensure you are treated fairly and respectfully.  During the process, ensure that you’re polite, and if you think that you might be given a raw deal, consider bringing a lawyer.  While there may be some personal expense, in some cases it will save you money in the long run.  

Four Tips to Resolve Condo Association Disputes

As a Condo Board, you’re often in the position where you must serve as a mediator and resolve various Condo Association disagreements and disputes.  This can be an extremely challenging part of the job.  You need to make sure you keep a cool head and issue fair judgement.  These four tips will help  you figure out who is lying and who is telling the truth- and what to do next.

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