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Performance management is a leadership job for all organizations, and Condo Associations are no different.  Your Condo Association might just have one property manager.  Or you might have a dozen when you count maintenance staff and front desk staff.  The key to effective Condo Association employee performance management is to ensure that you build an effective management framework up front.  This can take a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the size of your staff and the temperament of your Board.  Here are some guidelines to help you build a fair and effective system for Condo Association employee performance management.

Determine Who Rates Whom – and Stick With It

4/5 Stars would Better Condo Life again.

Since Condo Association setups can vary, it is critical that the Board set its expectations with Management of who is rating whom.  For example, you might want the Board to review more senior employees, like your property manager or building engineer, but delegate other reviews to the property manager.  Once you make this decision – stick to it.  Changing your mind is unfair to your Management and your staff – and may even be something they can grieve over.

Follow Good Performance Management Structures

There are numerous resources all over the internet.  They boil down to certain consistent concepts:

  • Make sure individual goals reflect the goals of the Association as a whole.  If the Association wants to save money, make sure it is a goal of relevant staff.
  • Ensure that you are setting quantifiable, actionable goals for your employees – for example, “Identify three opportunities for the Association to cut expenses” would be a good goal for a property manager.
  • Provide steady and consistent feedback throughout the year – don’t table drop things at the end of the year.  If an employee is doing well or poorly, provide feedback.  Mid-year reviews are a great tool for this purpose.
  • Document everything. For example, if there are disciplinary issues, make sure they are documented in writing.  

These items can be further researched in great detail.  You can find many resources for good management in the corporate world at large. You can apply these principles to Condo Association employee performance management.

Develop Your Rating Criteria and Set Compensation Expectations Up Front

People get very serious when it comes to compensation.

There are a number of different ways organizations can set their rewards incentive, and Condo Associations are no different.  You might base rewards on tenure or performance.  You might directly tie performance to compensation and rewards – i.e., best rating gets the biggest bonus.  Alternately you might assign them at Board or Management discretion.  As compensation is a sensitive subject, ensure that you are transparent and open with your employees as to what the system will be at the start of the rating period, and stick to it.  If it doesn’t work, refine it for the next year, but don’t mess with people’s livelihoods by changing the game in the middle of a performance cycle.

Take Your Condo Association Performance Management Seriously

As a Condo Association, you employ of a number of staff members.  You owe it to your employees and your Association to ensure that you are fair and effective when it comes to Condo Association employee performance management.  When it comes to managing your employees, make sure you are professional and responsible, and treat them the same way you want your employer to treat you.  

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