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The word “community” is prominent in community Associations.  This implies more than just a Condo Association where bills are paid on time and reserve studies are built.  While those are necessities, they are not enough.  A Condo Association should thrive as well.  That is where the Condo Association Board Socialite comes in.  Their goal is to enhance the community they live in.

The Condo Association Board Socialite Mantra: “Having a sense of community makes the Association stronger.”

Gets Along With: The Advocate

Clashes With: The Accountant


The Socialite would love for an event like this in your community!

When it comes to event planning, the Condo Association Board Socialite is who you want on the scene.  They delight in communication, outreach, and engaging with the community.  The Condo Association Board Socialite views Owners and Owner happiness as a resource to be cherished and embraced.  They delight in finding ways to bring people together – whether a niche book club or a building-wide holiday party.  They aim to build relationships and bring people together in the Condo Association, and thus they are great at fighting apathy.  This also makes them very good at working with Condo Association committees.


The Condo Association Board Socialite is very community focused.  They joined the Board for the sense of community as their primary goal.  Issues like major projects and budgeting are not necessarily their interest area or forte.  Their desire to focus on community also may cloud their judgement somewhat when it comes to contentious issues like rules enforcement.

The Diva: A Socialite Who Breaks Bad

There is a place for a Diva. It is not a Condo Association.

When the Socialite breaks bad, they turn into the Diva.  The Diva no longer cares about the community – it is strictly all about them.  Condo Association social events become a vortex of their narcissism and controlling nature.  They will be over dramatic and pitch fits in order to drive attention to – you guessed it – the Diva.  Cut them off and don’t let them fester – they will undo all of the good will your community has with their antics.

Tips to Working With the Condo Association Board Socialite

When working with the Socialite, remember what is important to them – the community.  When you get down to the basics, even the most boring things like reserve studies are about helping the community.  Helping the Socialite with this lens will keep them engaged on the tasks that they may not normally gravitate to.  Make it clear that you want the community to succeed, and prioritize some projects specifically to enhance the community, and the Socialite will be happy and hard-working.


The Condo Association Board Socialite might seem like a distraction on your Board, but they bring a very important element in a human touch.  They surpass the Advocate, who focuses on the individual, and instead the Socialite is focused on building ties that bind.  They genuinely care about the community, which makes them invaluable for your Association.  Work with them to build a better Condo life for your community.

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