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Condo Boards are made up of all sorts of people.  They come from different backgrounds and may be great at their jobs – or really bad.  Board members tend to have several different types of personalities, which strongly influence how they govern.  Board members tend to have several different types of personalities, which strongly influence how they govern.  These styles are typically influenced by their personal backgrounds, professional backgrounds, and life experiences.  Each of these Condo Association Board personalities has their own quirks and traits that drive how they behave.  Whether you are an Owner, Board Member or Management, it is important to know who you are dealing with.  

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Here’s a preview of the Condo Association Board Personalities you will see in this series.

Which ones are on your Board?

The Advocate – “How can we minimize the impact and inconvenience to the Owners?”

A strong defender of Owners within the Association, the Advocate is always looking out for the little guy.  Unfortunately, sometimes the Advocate looks out for the little guy instead of the Association.

Gets Along With:  The Socialite

Clashes With:  The Prosecutor

The Accountant – “Is the Association financially sound?  We must ensure we’ve got the money we need to protect the Community.”

All about the benjamins, the Accountant wants to ensure that the Association is well funded and secure.  Reserves will be fully funded and there will be no Special Assessments on the Accountant’s watch.  Sometimes the drive to protect finances can lead the Accountant to cut out amenities and not consider Owners’ individual situations.

Gets Along With:  The Engineer

Clashes With: The Socialite

The Engineer – “If everyone sacrifices a little bit, we’ll have this problem solved in no time.”

The Engineer is all about solving the problem in the most efficient way possible.  They’ll gather the facts and get the job done.  At times, their desire to solve the problem outweighs inconveniences to individuals, which can lead to clashes between Owners and other Board members.  

Gets Along With:  The Accountant

Clashes With: The Advocate

The Executive – “I’ve weighed all of the options, and this is the best path forward.”  

The Executive is a leader.  They tend to take inputs from all sides, and then arrive at what they believe is the most fair and appropriate path forward.  The Executive is usually the most balanced of the Condo Association Board personalities.  However, when they reach a conclusion based on the available information, they tend to be very intractable.  Sometimes they forget that they aren’t the CEO of the Association – they are just one vote on the Board.  

Gets Along With: Everyone

Clashes With: Everyone

The Prosecutor – “Without good rules which are enforced, our community will fall apart.”

The Prosecutor is a firm believer that good rules that are enforced consistently lead to a happy community.  They’re happy to create new rules and make sure they are enforced effectively – they love that part of the job.  Without proper balances from other Board members, however, the Prosecutor would happily create rules all day long, driving Owners crazy. 

Gets Along With:  The Engineer

Clashes With:  The Advocate

The Socialite  – “Having a strong sense of community makes the Association strong.”

The Socialite wants to build an engaged and active social scene in your community.  They want Owners who actually like each other and are friends.  Their emphasis is on great social events that bring people together.  However, their pursuit of a sense of community might cause them to neglect finances and rules.

Gets Along With:  The Advocate

Clashes With: The Accountant

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