Three Condo Association Board Bad Habits to Break Right Now


Sometimes you pick up bad habits.  Maybe it’s because you have a bad influence, maybe a bad upbringing.  It could be because you’re lazy.  Condo Association Boards operate the same way.  You’re carrying out your work, generally being a good Association.  But over time, the bad habits start to creep in.  Maybe it’s because of a boorish personality on the Board or a culture of apathy with your Owners.  Here are three Condo Association Board bad habits that you should identify and seek to break as soon as possible.

Conflicting Guidance to Management/Non-Unified Voice

If this image is representative of your Board meeting, you have a problem.

One of the keys to a successful Condo Association is that the Board needs to speak as a unified body.  While Board members should bring their own personalities  and experiences to the table, when the Board acts, it needs to be as a single entity.  This is important when giving orders, dealing with vendors, and perhaps most importantly, delivering performance critiques.

If Board members spout off solo, it weakens the Board.  Management will not be able to determine if a Board member is speaking for the Board or themselves.  This makes it challenging to deliver effective critique and corrections.

This is one of the trickier Condo Association Board bad habits to deal with.  For starters, it usually is caused by a difficult board member.  Those types usually do not play nice with others.  One trick to getting them to comply is to point out that if they want Management to do as told, the Board needs to deliver the message as a group.  Dangle the carrot of letting them be the mouthpiece sometimes, but make sure to give them a tight script.

Not Voting and Recording Decisions

Sometimes a Board gets lazy, and that leads to one of the sloppier Condo Association bad habits.  A Board will debate and debate, and some form of consensus will be made, but there won’t be a formal vote or record of what the decision is.  While this can seem unimportant, without a formal record of voting, technically the Board’s action isn’t documented or legal.  It is critical that a Board ensure they are correctly voting and recording the results for any major policy or financial action.  If your Board is lazy and not keeping good records, make sure you break this important Condo Association bad habit.  

Looking for Problems to Solve

Don’t do it! Just don’t do it!

Being on a Board is hard and challenging.  There are plenty of big things to do and stressful decisions to be made.  Sometimes Boards make it harder on themselves than needed, and commit one of the worst Condo Association bad habits: they create problems that don’t exist.

This can express itself in a number of ways.  For example, the Board might have hired technical representation and a vendor to carry out a project.  The project may be going reasonably well, and the Board will inexplicably pick a minor issue and start making a mountain out of a molehill.  Perhaps the vendor missed a deadline for a report by a day.  Suddenly the Board will demand new processes and procedures that drive the vendor crazy and solve a problem that wasn’t even there.  You’ve got enough problems . Don’t make new ones.

Break Condo Association Board Bad Habits Quickly

Condo Association Board Board Habits will fester and become a part of your culture if you do not aggressively cut them out.  If your Board is exhibiting any of these habits, work to improve your culture.  Work with your fellow Board members to acknowledge that the behavior is not productive.  If you can collectively agree to break these Condo Association bad habits, you’ll end up being a happier Board for it.  

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