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Who are the Players in a Condo Association?


I refer to the “big three” of condo associations often: Owners, Board, and Management.  As a point of intent, this blog is expressly targeted at providing advice to each of these groups and how they deal with each other.  But who are they, and what do they do?  Here’s a quick breakdown of the players in a condo association. Owners These are the individuals who own a condo and make up the...

Four Tips to Being a Responsible Condo Owner


Living in a Condo means that you have to be a responsible condo owner in you Association.  Many of the most common issues I see as a Board member are because people don’t follow these basic rules.  Who can blame them?  Associations are nebulous things — there to be ignored until you have a problem, want something from them, or they want something from you.       That’s one way to look at...

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