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Yet Another Three Condo Association Facilities Project Ideas


Maintaining top-notch facilities is critical to having a top-notch building.  Your Condo Association facilities committee is a major driver of improving quality of life and even property value through contributing to your community.  If you’ve already evaluated all of the previous ideas for Condo Association facilities committee project ideas – we’ve got you covered with yet more project...

Five Condo Association Committee Bad Behaviors


The next installment of the bad behavior series touches on Committees.  Condo Committees can be great force multipliers for your community – whether planning events, improving facilities or helping you scrub your finances.  Like Boards, Management, and Owners, however, they are not immune to bad behavior. Here are five Condo Association Committee bad behaviors to watch out for. Not Communicating...

Three More Condo Association Finance Committee Project Ideas


Money makes the world go ‘round, and a good finance committee helps you save and make money.  Previously, we covered three Condo Association finance committee project ideas that would benefit your community: expense, revenue, and audit reviews.  If you’ve got a productive finance committee that is doing great work for your community, here are three more Condo Association finance committee project...

Three More Condo Association Facilities Committee Projects


Condo Association committees can have a tremendously positive impact upon your community.  When they are managed correctly, their ability to contribute and make your community a better place to live is significant.  In the last edition, we covered several important ideas for Condo Association facilities Committee projects.  These included an environmental review, landscape review, and security...

Three Condo Association Finance Committee Project Ideas


Condo Committees are a critical ingredient to a great Condo Association.  Finance committees are often considered one of the less exciting committees.  They don’t throw awesome parties or improve your facilities.  But they can, however, improve your favorite resource: money.  These three Condo Association finance committee project ideas will help your community save money or use the money you...

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