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You Get the Condo Association You Deserve


I recently had a Twitter exchange with the folks over at Independent American Communities about this article.  The article in question blamed two things: local laws for lack of enforcement and the Community Associations Institute (CAI) for advocating for “authoritarian” powers for Associations.  While these are worth discussing as possible causes, I strongly believe that apathy is one of the...

Fighting Apathy #8: Building a Network of Involved Condo Association Owners


In any democratic community, you’re only as strong as your voting block.  People are often apathetic towards Condo Associations and HOAs, not realizing the importance of participation and representation. The bottom line is Associations are a form of democratic government – with the authority to tax you and govern your lifestyle.  An Involved Owner will want to find a network of like...

Fighting Apathy #7: The Importance of Owner Feedback in a Condo Association


When you’re an Owner in a Condo Association, sometimes it feels like you have little say in your community.  You have major surprises sprung on you – Special Assessments or Major Projects.  It often seems like these are big undertakings, things that the Board is tackling.  It may feel like your input and contributions aren’t welcome – even if your Condo Board is doing the...

Fighting Apathy #6: Protecting Board Powers in a Condo Association


One of the themes I reiterate is that being in a Condo Association is about compromise and knowing when to back down.  But I also have mentioned that there are times where you need to lay down on the tracks.   Today’s Fighting Apathy will tell you when that’s OK and the right thing to do so that you are protecting Board Powers in a Condo Association.   One of the biggest slides an...

Fighting Apathy #5: Four Reasons Serving on Your Condo Association Board is Good for You


Serving on a Condo Association Board is a tough job – sometimes it’s hard to see why serving on your condo association board is good for you.  You’ve got the responsibility to govern anywhere from a handful of units to hundreds that might house thousands of Owners.  At times it will seem you’re spending literally hours on things as shallow as the shade of blinds.  You’ll pull off...

Fighting Apathy #4: Leading a Condo Association Resistance Movement Part 2


Last post, we covered how to build up your nascent Condo Association Resistance Movement to help undo damage a Board has done.  Today we’ll discuss how you use the Movement to figure out what victory looks like and achieve it.   Figure Out What you Want Now that you have your team and you’re educated on the issue, it’s time to define what success is and if it’s achievable.  If a popular amenity...

Fighting Apathy #4: Leading a Condo Association Resistance Movement Part 1


Sometimes Condo Boards do dumb things.  Sometimes they make bad decisions – maybe because of ignorance, maybe because of stupidity, maybe even because of greed or corruption.  They might fire a beloved employee, take away an oft-used amenity, raise fees, or award a contract to an insider.  Maybe the Owners of the Association have been apathetic, allowing the Board to get disconnected from...

Fighting Apathy #3: Managing Respect in a Condo Association


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – community association managers – your Association’s Management – are the glue that hold an Association together.  Management is in the thick of every issue and challenge an Association has, working to resolve issues so that everyone has a happy and safe community.  This means they have the challenge of dealing with Owners, who...

How to Prepare for a Condo Association Board Meeting


Every month, Board Members around the country – no, around the world – meet to discuss and govern their Condo Associations.  For most outsiders (and insiders), this is not exactly the most exciting thing that happens in a given month.  However, with major budgets at stake, committee reports, and safety and security concerns – these meetings are quite important.  Being an...

Fighting Apathy #2: Get Involved in Your Condo Association Part 2


In Part 1 of this article, we covered the first steps to get involved in your condo association to fight apathy.  Today we’ll cover the final steps on how you can become a more involved and engaged Owner.   Step 3:  Identify General Fiscal Health Fiscal health is a very deep and complicated subject, particularly for a Condo Association, and especially so if you’re starting from scratch.  Today’s...

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