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The Ultimate Secret to an Effective Condo Association Board


Today I’m going to share with you the Ultimate Secret to an Effective Condo Association Board.  This secret is incredibly simple in practice, but very difficult to master and act upon.  However, if you make this your guiding tenant, you will find your Board meetings and interactions are more productive, pleasant, and effective. The Secret to Board Success The secret is very simple, but goes...

Three Ways to Calm Hostile Owners in a Condo Association


As a Board in a Condo Association, there are times that you’re going to have to do some unpopular things.  You may fire a popular but ineffective staff member, issue a Special Assessment, get rid of a popular amenity, or maybe just plain screw up.  The net result is that you may find yourself facing a large group of frustrated and hostile Owners in a Condo Association.  Worse yet, they...

Effective policies for Managing Emergency Situations in a Condo Association


I recently wrote about how important it is to protect the powers of the Condo Board.  To ensure you run a transparent and open Condo Association, you must protect your Board powers.  But the reality is that life is messy.  Sometimes crazy stuff happens and you don’t have the luxury of the usual slow pace of a Condo Board.  How can you ensure transparency in a Condo Association in these...

How to Communicate a Condo Association Special Assessment


Now that you’ve figured out your plan for your Special Assessment, you need to communicate it to your Owners, and in some cases, you may also need to hold a Condo Association Special Assessment vote.  This guide is focused on how you communicate a Condo Association Special Assessment to your Owners.  This is one of the trickiest parts of a Special Assessment.  To effectively make your case...

How to Create an Effective Condo Association Electric Vehicle Policy


Electric Vehicles are gaining in popularity in the US.  While still a small fraction of vehicles sold – about 1% – you’re starting to see more and more Teslas, Volts, Leafs, and others.  And while there may not be a lot of them, it only takes two or three Owners in your Association who have an EV or want to buy an EV for your Board to receive an inquiry about how you’re...

How to Secure your Condo Association’s Wireless Networks


Many Condo Associations offer free wireless internet access (wifi) for Owners in common areas as an amenity.  It might be in your gym, your lobby, your pool – wherever.  In today’s day and age where everyone is connected 24/7, this is amenity is typically well received and quite popular in a Condo Association.  Unfortunately, it is also an amenity that can be ripe for abuse by unscrupulous...

Conducting a Police Safety Walkthrough in a Condo Association


Part of ensuring a safe community includes having a good understanding your Association’s physical layout.  A walkthrough is key to devising an effective security plan.   There are a few ways you can perform a walkthrough – on your own, through a professional company, or with the help of your local police jurisdiction.  Many local police precincts have police liaison programs.  These...

Financing a Condo Association Special Assessment


Now that you’ve got an idea of what condition your Condo is in, you need to figure out how you are going to handle the “Assessment” part of the Special Assessment process.  This is the step where you figure out how you’re financing a Condo Association Special Assessment.   How Much Do You Need? Typically you want to assume the cost of the project, plus enough to cover any delinquency, plus...

How to Assign Work in a Condo Association


As a Condo Association Board, your job is to set the policy and direction for your Association.  You are the executive board for the Condo, and that means you need to assign out work to be done – whether it is to Management for the operations of the Condo, to each other for specific tasks, or to Committees.  Managing people is always a challenge, and a Condo Association presents a few...

The Types of Board Members in a Condo Association


Board members in a Condo Association come in many varieties, but at the end of the day, they’re either bad at their job, good at their job, or great at their job.  Today we’ll cover the major archetypes of Board members, what their behaviors are, and how they fit into the Association.  If you’re a Board member and wondering how you fit in, this article will be great for a little self-reflection...

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