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Thoughts on Condo Association Board Ethics Training


One way local authorities seek to improve Condo Association Board performance and reduce corruption is to implement mandatory training for new Board members on Condo Association Board ethics.  The trainings discuss fiduciary duty, conflicts of interest, and other related topics. Are the trainings useful or useless? Let’s break down some thoughts on Condo Association Board ethics trainings...

Strategies for Working with Condo Association Contractors


Keeping your Condo Association in good repair requires you to actively engage with an entire ecosystem of Condo Association contractors.  Professionals such as engineers, roofers, plumbers and more are required to keep things going. Your building Management will likely handle many of the interactions.  Eventually, you will likely work with a project of sufficient magnitude that the Board will...

Three Condo Association Board Burnout Remedies


Condo Association Board burnout can be inevitable, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be cured.  Burnt out Board members don’t perform as effectively and can even lead to the broader Board breaking bad.  You might be exhibiting signs of burnout, but that doesn’t mean you need to resign. Here are three Condo Association Board burnout remedies that can help refresh and reinvigorate you so you can keep...

Causes of Condo Association Board Burnout


Serving on a Condo Association Board is both a privilege and a duty.  There are numerous reasons why serving on a Condo Board is good for you personally as well as your community.  Over time, it is inevitable that you will start to feel the impact of burnout, which has recognizable symptoms that diminish your capability in the position.  There are numerous causes of Condo Association Board...

Three Odd Condo Association Issues


There are numerous challenges of being on a Condo Association Board.  You are expected to be a leader, adjudicate rules, and manage large budgets.  What you don’t get prepared for is the weird and frustrating stuff. Some things are zombie issues that just won’t die.  During my lengthy tenure on a Condo Association Board, here are some odd Condo Association issues I never thought I’d deal with...

Condo Association Problem Solving Strategies


One of the worst habits of Condo Boards is the desire to bicker and debate issues which the Board is wholly unqualified to answer.  Nothing is more eye roll-inducing from Board meeting attendees than hearing people who have no idea about a technical subject – say, concrete – debate for a half hour.  This is not efficient or productive. This is the age of the internet, and there are numerous ways...

Three Actions to Get Your Condo Association Finances in Order


Without money, your Condo Association is in deep trouble.  Fiduciary duty is the only codified duty of a Board member, and thus finances is your top priority.  An Association’s financial house can fall into disarray for a variety of reasons.  It might be an apathetic Board, a bad Board, or simply a new Association that doesn’t know what to do.  No matter what your situation, these actions will...

Four Traits of the Apathetic Condo Association Board Member


Board members come in all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life.  Some are good, and others are bad.  But there’s another flavor that often isn’t talked about – the apathetic Condo Association Board member.  Neither good nor bad, the apathetic Board member chugs along.  While they are not actively selfish or subversive, they’re also not particularly useful.  Here are four traits you can expect...

Three Signs of Condo Association Board Member Burnout


Burnout is inevitable.  Even the most disciplined, hardest-working individuals will find themselves growing fatigued over time.  Too much fatigue – whether from an apathetic Board or a broken Board – will in turn develop into burnout.  This is why new blood on a Board is so important.  Nonetheless, you may find yourself falling into the ultimate burnout stage.  Here are three signs of Condo...

Writing an Elegant Condo Association Request Denial Letter


Owner requests are one of the many issues that a Board needs to deal with.  These can range from simple things like parking policy exemptions to more challenging requests like substantial unit modifications.  Unfortunately, as a Board must look out for the Association’s fiduciary duty and other considerations, sometimes the answer is no.  While “no” isn’t an Owner’s ideal outcome, you can avoid...

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