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This has been a great year for Better Condo Life, and I couldn’t be more proud of the awesome readership I’ve built up. Over the past year, there’s been over a hundred posts on how to lead, govern, Own, and buy in a Condo Association.  Among that century of wisdom, five posts resonated particularly strongly. Without further ado, here is the Best of Better Condo Life 2016.

And the winners are…

Four Signs of a Bad Condo Association

Leading the pack were the signs of a Bad Condo Association.  Given all of the different horror stories out there, there’s no surprise that this article was a hit.  If you’re wondering if your Condo Association is up to no good, this article is a great place to start as far as looking for warning signs.

The Types of Board Members in a Condo Association

Ah, Condo Association Board members – those strange, often passive-aggressive creatures.  They can be the source of extreme headaches for thousands of Owners – or tireless, unpaid volunteers laboring for the greater good.  And of course, there’s everything in between.  This article made the Best of Better Condo Life 2016 as numerous readers sought to learn more about Board members.

Five Personalities at Condo Association Meetings

While many readers are approaching this blog from the perspective of being an Owner, others are Board members and Management.  Unsurprisingly, this article was popular as it captured the varied personalities that Board and Management encounter – from the “one and done” Tourist to the evil Pariahs.

Leading a Condo Association Resistance Movement

A big frustration for many Condo Owners is that it feels impossible to fight back against a bad Board.  Owners feel like it is a system rigged against them and unable to be stopped.  While fighting back is hard, it is not impossible.  This article captures exactly what you must do to fight back, and why it is ultimately a battle of wills between the Board and Owners.

Safety and Security 101

Rounding out the Best of Better Condo Life 2016 was Safety and Security 101.  Safety and security is a big part of any Condo Association and something covered extensively here, and it will be the focus of a new guide in the near future.  Every Condo Association’s specific needs are different, but every Association should be doing the basics.

Get Ready for 2017

2017 is just around the corner, and there’s a lot going on in the Condo Association world. Better Condo Life will be here to help you navigate everything related to Condo and Association life.  We’ve got Owners, Board Members, and Managers covered whether the issue is new policies, disputes, or new technologies policies.  Thanks for being a reader!  

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