A Bad Condo Association Board Habit to Avoid


Grumpy and petulant Condo Association Board members are devastating in a Condo Association.  Whether you are in a well run – or poorly run – Condo Association can be revealed by many signs.  If your goal is to run your Condo Board more effectively, there are a number of things you can do.  Today is focused on one bad Condo Association Board habit that can easily be broken.  

The “I Just Don’t Like It” Statement

Do you have Board members angry for no apparent reason?

There is a scenario that often plays out in Condo Board meetings.  The Board will be debating an issue – major or minor, it makes no difference.  A Board member will declare “I just don’t like it” when faced with a potential solution.  They will not clarify, they will not elaborate.  This is a very bad Condo Association Board habit.

This saying is go-to move from the playbook of bad Condo Board members.  What makes this statement so devastating is that there is nothing behind it.  It is an expression of disgust, but not backed up by anything quantifiable.  When pushed, a bad Board member won’t give a reason why, but will instead double down and be difficult.  Countering this behavior is key for a Board to move forward.

Push on the “Why”

Sometimes the declaration of “I just don’t like it” comes from a lack of critical thinking.  In these cases, you need to “troubleshoot” your difficult Board member.  Try to drill down as to why they “just don’t like it.”  Do they feel the cost is too high?  Is the issue a matter of fairness?  Is more research needed to move forward?  Try to come at the issue from different angles in order to get them to speak more.  If you can identify what’s driving the issue, work to come up with mutually agreeable steps to move forward.

Managing the “I Just Don’t Like It” Issue

Resist the urge to butt heads, and instead manage the situation forward.

If the issue is a lack of research, for example, you might propose an action that involves researching a solution.  What you must do to manage expectations and next steps is agree as a group, “Once we have these answers, we will move forward.”  Get the difficult Board member to say these words and take ownership over the next steps.  They need to verbalize the next steps so that they buy in.  

If the difficult Board member wants to indulge in this bad Condo Association Board habit and refuses to engage, then the remaining Board members must manage around them.  Politely inform them that you value their opinion, but if they cannot quantify what is wrong, the Board must proceed without them.

Always Be Moving Forward

No one likes to run over a fellow Board member, but sometimes you must keep the train going.  Part of being a good Board member means being inquisitive and dedicated to helping the community.  Everyone can have a “gut” feeling that something is wrong, but you need to turn that feeling into action.  If you are only going to wallow in indecision, you hurt your community.  Break this bad Condo Association Board habit and lead a better Condo life.  

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