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In the beginning…

I bought my condo almost a decade ago.  I had a minimal understanding of what being in a condo association entailed.  I think I skimmed the giant binder of rules and bylaws.  I just wanted to have a place where they’d shovel the snow, I could walk to nearby mass transit so I could get drunk at sports games and get home safely, and a decent gym that was in the building to motivate me to lose weight.  

What I didn’t realize is that condo living — at least in a big building — is like living in a small town.  You have taxes (condo fees), difficult residents, nice residents, and worst of all – you have to govern yourself.  Usually that last bit isn’t a big deal, unless your condo has to deal with major problems.

I wanted to get involved, so I joined my Condo Association board.  Throughout my time on my board, I’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff — crass behavior of Owners, legal battles, special assessments, fights over big things, fights over minor things.  It has made me realize how little most people – myself included – understand how to live in a condo association.

I started this blog to pass on my advice and experiences to others.  I’m not the expert of living in a condo or being on a board.  I’ve lived in a condo for six years, five of which I’ve been on the board with another as a member of one of the committees.  I’d say I’ve seen everything, but I keep on seeing new and weird things.  I also own a rental property I manage myself, and I have a full time job which has (thankfully) nothing to do with real estate, but it does involve managing people.  The skills overlap quite a bit.  

Somehow you found this site- probably because your condo association did something dumb, or you’re in a fight with them, and you used your favorite search engine desperately looking for help.  Or maybe you’re on a condo board, dealing with a frustrating situation and desperately needing help.  I’m also always open to reader mail and providing advice if you don’t see something here.

Collaboration Opportunities with Better Condo Life

 Interested in republishing content with attribution?  Need some help with your Condo Association?  Just want to say hello?  You can touch base with me at: bettercondolife@gmail.com.

Getting Started

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Legal Disclaimer:  Nothing in this blog is construed as legal advice.  It is only my thoughts and opinions.  Get legal help from a lawyer from whom you retain services, read this for entertainment and ideas only.

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