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Retiring Better Condo Life


With mixed emotions, I am announcing that I will be retiring Better Condo Life.  I started this blog in 2015 for a multitude of reasons. These included: Passing on my experience of Condo ownership and Board membership Keeping focused in my own Condo life Learning to effectively blog/leverage social media Having fun Over the past month, I’ve been reflecting upon these goals and my progress, and...

Yet Another Three Condo Association Facilities Project Ideas


Maintaining top-notch facilities is critical to having a top-notch building.  Your Condo Association facilities committee is a major driver of improving quality of life and even property value through contributing to your community.  If you’ve already evaluated all of the previous ideas for Condo Association facilities committee project ideas – we’ve got you covered with yet more project...

Thoughts on Condo Association Board Ethics Training


One way local authorities seek to improve Condo Association Board performance and reduce corruption is to implement mandatory training for new Board members on Condo Association Board ethics.  The trainings discuss fiduciary duty, conflicts of interest, and other related topics. Are the trainings useful or useless? Let’s break down some thoughts on Condo Association Board ethics trainings...

Tips for Navigating a Condo Association Insurance Casualty


Sometimes bad things happen when you’re a homeowner.  Scary things like hail, fire, tornados, acts of God – the long list of dangers you see in your homeowner’s insurance.  When something bad happens, the good news is that you probably have some form of insurance! The bad news is that if it’s a Condo Association insurance casualty, things are not as straightforward as they would be in a single...

Strategies for Working with Condo Association Contractors


Keeping your Condo Association in good repair requires you to actively engage with an entire ecosystem of Condo Association contractors.  Professionals such as engineers, roofers, plumbers and more are required to keep things going. Your building Management will likely handle many of the interactions.  Eventually, you will likely work with a project of sufficient magnitude that the Board will...

Three Tips for Reviewing Homeowners’ Association Disclosure Documents


Whether you are buying a new Condo or moving into a Homeowners’ Association, you must review the disclosure documents provided.  Most people see the hundreds of pages of documents handed over, roll their eyes, and move on. But you’re not most people! You’re a winner who wants to be an engaged and involved owner.  Or at the very least, you don’t want to be screwed by a bad Board who wants to...

Three Condo Association Board Burnout Remedies


Condo Association Board burnout can be inevitable, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be cured.  Burnt out Board members don’t perform as effectively and can even lead to the broader Board breaking bad.  You might be exhibiting signs of burnout, but that doesn’t mean you need to resign. Here are three Condo Association Board burnout remedies that can help refresh and reinvigorate you so you can keep...

Expanding the Focus of Better Condo Life


Big news to share, readers!  After a decade of living in a Condo, Better Condo Life is moving!  My family has decided to move to a new home, which will remove us from Condo life and place us squarely in Homeowners’ Association life.  This is an exciting time. You are likely on the edge of your seat wondering: what will happen to Better Condo Life? Will the blogger ride off into the sunset, or...

April 2018 Condo Association News Roundup


April showers bring May flowers… and May flowers bring Condo debates over landscaping.  Hopefully your May will have everyone agreeing on what colors and types of plants your community wants to plant.  The April 2018 Condo Association news is more contentious.  Drones, weed, and big changes in Canada – articulately captured by Ontario lawyer Michelle Kelly – make the headlines...

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