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Five Condo Association Committee Bad Behaviors


The next installment of the bad behavior series touches on Committees.  Condo Committees can be great force multipliers for your community – whether planning events, improving facilities or helping you scrub your finances.  Like Boards, Management, and Owners, however, they are not immune to bad behavior. Here are five Condo Association Committee bad behaviors to watch out for. Not Communicating...

Three More Condo Association Finance Committee Project Ideas


Money makes the world go ‘round, and a good finance committee helps you save and make money.  Previously, we covered three Condo Association finance committee project ideas that would benefit your community: expense, revenue, and audit reviews.  If you’ve got a productive finance committee that is doing great work for your community, here are three more Condo Association finance committee project...

Dealing with Condo Association Noise Issues


“Quiet enjoyment” is a phrase that is common to real estate.  The concept is that an Owner will be able to live in a home in a peaceful manner.  As most Condo Owners know, quiet enjoyment can be elusive. There may be environmental issues, such as a nearby train or major roadway.  You might have noisy neighbors. In yet other situations, a noisy common element – such as an HVAC unit or water...

2018 Condo Association Marijuana News Roundup


April 20th, a sacred day for weed smokers everywhere, is just around the corner. This year is a particularly special year as Canada is on the verge of legalizing marijuana across the country.  Marijuana users are rejoicing, but Condo Associations are cringing. Smoke smells are the bane of Associations, as one Owner’s enjoyment is another’s nightmare. To celebrate 4/20 here is the 2018 Condo...

Ways to Reinvigorate an Apathetic Condo Association Board


Fighting apathy is one of the hardest parts of being on a Condo Association Board.  Whether it’s the grind of the pace of Condo leadership, or bad Board members getting their way, Boards can fall into a rut.  This can be incredibly stressful and discouraging, and lead to Board burnout. A telling sign of these ruts is when the majority of work is done by a minority of Board members.  This becomes...

Condo Association Issues Condo Owners Cannot Control


One of the premises of Better Condo Life is that apathy is a detriment to Condo Associations, and informed and involved Owners can control their Condo destiny.  In general, this is true. You may choose not to invest the time to be informed and involved, but the option is always there. However, there are certain Condo Association issues Condo Owners cannot control, no matter what the circumstances...

Causes of Condo Association Board Burnout


Serving on a Condo Association Board is both a privilege and a duty.  There are numerous reasons why serving on a Condo Board is good for you personally as well as your community.  Over time, it is inevitable that you will start to feel the impact of burnout, which has recognizable symptoms that diminish your capability in the position.  There are numerous causes of Condo Association Board...

Three Odd Condo Association Issues


There are numerous challenges of being on a Condo Association Board.  You are expected to be a leader, adjudicate rules, and manage large budgets.  What you don’t get prepared for is the weird and frustrating stuff. Some things are zombie issues that just won’t die.  During my lengthy tenure on a Condo Association Board, here are some odd Condo Association issues I never thought I’d deal with...

March 2018 Condo Association News Roundup


March has gone out like a lamb, and spring is in the air.  As we shake off winter, there’s lots to cover in the March 2018 Condo Association news roundup.  An article from Donna DiMaggio Berger talks about how community Associations can handle the construction of neighboring buildings.  An article from Canada talks about the impacts of widespread marijuana legalization on Condo communities and...

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