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April 2017 Condo Association News Roundup


April has been extremely busy in the Condo Association world.  New legislation in Florida that aims to crack down on their Condo shenanigans, but the legislation may not be the panacea everyone is hoping for.  To further illustrate the craziness of Florida, one Condo Association there is currently battling an Owner of 40 units over competing valet services.  Finally, Los Angeles Condo buyers...

Managing Condo Association Workflow


Being on a Condo Board is a challenging job.  You may understand what you’re getting into, but living it is a whole different beast.  Board members have numerous challenges to contend with.  You resolve disputes, create budgets, execute major projects and deal with emergencies.  And as life works, these issues usually come up when you’ve got personal or professional things going on in the...

2017 Condo Association Marijuana Roundup


Today is 4/20, a famous day for all marijuana smokers.  Marijuana legalization continues to spread in the US – there are now 28 states and the District of Columbia where some form of marijuana is legal.  While a pleasing habit for some, the smoke can be unpleasant for others.  In a Condo Association, this of course creates natural tensions, similar to those that arise related to regular...

Condo Association Special Assessment Preparation for Owners


One of the scariest and impactful things that can happen to a Condo Association Owner is the dreaded Special Assessment.  Special Assessments are caused by a number of things – poor budgeting, unexpected repairs or perhaps deferred maintenance from a Condo conversion.  This can be a very disruptive time, but as an Owner, you have some options.  Here are steps to help you with Condo...

Effectively Working with Master Associations


Having captured what Master Associations are, the challenge is for Condo Boards to find ways to effectively work with them.  While there is a tendency to ignore them to a certain degree, that path is the path to failure.  The secret to effectively working with Master Associations is simple: You must take off your Board hat and put on your Owner hat.  The same tricks and tips that make informed...

Three Questions to ask Prospective Condo Association Board Candidates


Condo elections are incredibly important.  New Condo Board members help fight apathy and infuse new energy into Boards.  On the other hand, established veterans who have led the Association for years are critical as well.  Too often, the “campaign” part of Condo elections is overlooked.  Prospective Condo Association Board candidates should be interviewed by Owners as you would any...

Four Tips for Resolving Condo Association Disputes


One of the most common issues that a Condo Board member faces is resolving Condo Association disputes.  As a Board member, you are a combination of a legislator and an executive, so your job is often the role of mediator, judge, and sometimes executioner.  Sometimes these activities are extremely formal – such as a Condo Association hearing.  Other times you’re resolving issues...

The Importance of Condo Association Good Will


Much of Condo Association planning and strategizing is based on maximizing resources.  How do you make the most of Condo Association assessments?  Does your community budget well?  How do you maintain reserves?  The answers to these questions are vital to a Condo Association’s survival.  But there is another resource that’s important – one that is not given nearly the same level of respect...

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